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Top 20 university campuses in the UK

Loughborough University has been voted as the best UK university campus, according to current students

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Seeta Bhardwa

Editor, THE Student
June 15 2018
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Loughborough University has been voted the best university campus in the UK, in new research by Student Crowd. 

In a survey of 7,849 students, the Midlands university topped the list for having the best campus in the country. The campuses were rated by students on their social, academic and environmental strengths. These included campus/facilities, clubs and societies, students union, careers service and internet/wifi. 

Loughborough University was scored five stars out five for campus/facilities, clubs and societies, students union and careers services and four out of five for internet/wifi. One student review said: “The facilities are of extremely high quality and the overall campus atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.”

The rest of the top 10 is mostly made up of universities from the Midlands and the North of England, except for the University of Bath (9), in the South of England. 

Rank University Average score of campus/facilities
1 Loughborough University 4.870416
2 University of Exeter 4.731183
3 Lancaster University 4.718978
4 University of Dundee 4.711111
5 Edge Hill University 4.707692
6 University of Sheffield 4.704403
7 University of Leeds 4.630137
8 University of Nottingham 4.622222
9 University of Bath 4.58794
10 Newcastle University 4.58427
11 University of St Andrews 4.557377
12 University of Reading 4.550265
13 University of Birmingham 4.54717
14 Trent University 4.488189
15 University of East Anglia 4.485714
16 University of Huddersfield 4.485714
17 Durham University 4.466667
18 University of Surrey 4.44382
19 University of Kent 4.439716
20 University of Glasgow 4.38961

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