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The best university cities of 2018

Where are the top student cities in the world? Analysis of THE data reveals where the world’s best colleges can be found

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April 12 2018
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Have you ever wondered which city contains the highest number of institutions appearing in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2018? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve analysed our top 200 and top 500 universities to see which cities have the highest concentrations of elite universities. 

When looking at the top 200 list, you will probably not be surprised to see London in joint first place, with six universities. London is renowned as a destination for British and international students looking to benefit from a high-quality university education. The close clustering of its institutions, and the University of London system, means that students attending these universities are able to utilise facilities across the city.

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London is matched by Boston-Cambridge (the two are grouped because of proximity), home to some of the most prestigious institutions in the world, including Harvard University. Other cities that boast several top 200 universities are Paris, Hong Kong, Berlin, and New York.

Cities with the highest concentration of top 200 universities 

Rank  Cities Number of universities Universities
=1 Boston-Cambridge 6 University of Massachusetts
=1 London 6 Royal Holloway, University of London, UCL
=2 Paris 5 Pierre and Marie Curie University
=2 Hong Kong 5 Chinese University of Hong Kong
=3 Berlin 4 Technical University of Berlin
=3 Los Angeles 4 University of Southern California
=4 Stockholm 3 Stockholm University
=4 New York 3 Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
=5 Shanghai 2 Shanghai Jiao Tong University
=5 Beijing 2 Tsinghua University 
=5 San Francisco Bay Area 2 University of California, Berkeley
=5 Seoul 2 Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)
=5 Chicago 2 Northwestern University, University of Chicago
=5 Singapore 2 National University of Singapore
=5 Montreal 2 University of Montreal
=5 Sydney 2 University of New South Wales. University of Sydney
=5 Barcelona 2 Pompeu Fabra University
=5 Atlanta 2 Emory University
=5 Melbourne 2 University of Melbourne 

Something to keep in mind is that some cities are significantly larger than others, which could be one of the reasons why they have more top-ranking universities. This could explain why there are so many high-ranking universities in London and Paris, compared with other major global cities. 

Bearing this in mind, when analysing the data, we also looked at cities that are geographically close such as Copenhagen, Malmo and Lund; Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp; and Amsterdam and Utrecht and found that many of these clusters also have high numbers of top-ranking universities, but to maintain consistency we omitted these from our final tables. The only one that still features is Boston-Cambridge as they are simply too close to each other to leave out. 

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If we widen the pool to look at the number of top 500 universities in a city, London once again takes the top spot with an impressive 15 institutions. This is hardly surprising, considering that London has one of the highest concentrations of higher education institutions in the world, with nearly 40 universities in total.

Paris comes second, with 10 universities, and Boston-Cambridge, again, scores well with eight top 500 universities, while Seoul and Melbourne are joint fourth with seven each. 

However, some slightly surprising cities also appear on the list, including Frankfurt, Moscow and Tokyo. If you’re looking for a university city off the beaten track, it may be worth checking out some of these cities before making your final decision. 

Cities with the highest concentration of top 500 universities 

Rank City  Number of top 500 universities
1 London 15
2 Paris 10
3 Boston-Cambridge 8
4 Seoul, Melbourne 7
5 Hong Kong 6
6 Dublin, New York, Sydney 5
7 Barcelona, Berlin, Frankfurt, Chicago, Moscow, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Milan  4
8 Atlanta, Shanghai, Stockholm 3
9 San Francisco Bay Area, Singapore, Beijing, Montreal 2

Best universities in the top university cities

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If you want to see more of some of these top university cities, we will be sharing one a day on our Instagram page for the next week. If you want to share images of your university city and tell us why you think it is the best, use #BestUniCity2018 so that we can see and share them, too. 

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