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Top universities where you can study geography

Geography is the study of the world around us, and the impact of natural and manmade factors and events on the world. A degree in this subject is either in human geography (focusing on human societies and the relationship between people and the planet) or physical geography (focusing on natural environments and physical processes). The latter is closely linked with earth sciences, while the former is associated with social sciences like sociology, anthropology and politics.

It is one of the most varied degrees available and to reflect the scope of the subject matter, geography can be a BA (typically human geography) or BSc (typically physical geography). Course modules include skills and techniques in geosciences, earth systems, urbanism, culture and modernity and theory, space and society. There is an inexhaustible range of specialisations to pursue in the latter part of a geography degree, however whatever you choose, you will be required to collect and analyse your data gathered on field trips, which could be local or further abroad. These trips will be complemented with lectures and seminars, and assessment is based on exams, coursework and group and individual projects. A final year dissertation on a topic of your choice is usually compulsory.

Choosing to study geography is a fantastic starting point if you wish to make an impact on the world – this degree offers the chance to foster solutions to solve some of modern society’s most urgent problems, from climate change to overpopulation to multicultural integration. 

Many graduates pursue further study, but many also pursue careers in environment and heritage work. More general careers include marketing, business analysis and management. Geography graduates are well-rounded graduates and so are able to find careers in pretty much every sector. There is also a shortage of social science graduates with good mathematical skills, which a human or physical geography degree will have. 


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