Where do billionaires go to university?

Select one of these universities if you harbour dreams of becoming a billionaire

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Seeta Bhardwa

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April 11 2019
Where do billionaires go to university?


Let’s face it, we all want to be billionaires. While your choice of university or course might not directly influence your chances of becoming a billionaire, it certainly could help. 

An analysis of the top 250 billionaires from the latest Forbes Rich List explored where they went to university and the subjects that they studied. 

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However, interestingly it found that of the 196 people that had attended university (or where there was public information of their alma mater) 17 of them were dropouts. 

Harvard University produced the highest number of billionaires with seven graduates in total. 

Lund University in Sweden was the only non-US university to feature in the top five with four billionaires. 

The analysis also looked at the subjects that the billionaires chose to study while at university. 

Some 34 of the billionaires (with public information) had studied an engineering degree, while 27 has studied a business degree and 26 had studied an economics/finance degree. 

The fourth most common degree subject was philosophy, with six billionaires taking the subject and law was the fifth most common degree subject. 

Degree Count of billionaires
Engineering 34
Business 27
Economics and Finance 26
Philosophy 6
Law 5
Computer 5
Mathematics 5
Marketing 3
English 3
History 2
Medicine 1
Oriental Studies 1
Chemistry 1
Politics 1
Anthropology 1
Art 1
Textiles 1

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