Grant winners

September 24, 2009


Award winner: Shaikh Faruque Ali

Institution: Swansea University

Dynamics and control of smart structural systems with uncertainty

Award winner: Alexandra Alvergne

Institution: University College London

Social influence on the diffusion of cultural innovation: the case of modern contraception

Award winner: Nobuko Anan

Institution: University of Warwick

Playing with the West: parody in contemporary Japanese women's performance

Award winner: Mariya Bivolarska

Institution: University of Nottingham

Microscopy of living cells using parallel plasmon-enhanced photothermal microscopy

Award winner: Matthew Blaschko

Institution: University of Oxford

Statistical learning approaches to semantic computer vision

Award winner: Vaclav Brozek

Institution: University of Edinburgh

Model-checking problems for infinite-state stochastic games

Award winner: Mirna Chahine

Institution: Imperial College London

The role of nuclear import in differentiation of the human embryonic-stem-cell-derived cardiomyocyte

Award winner: Emmanuelle Crost

Institution: Institute of Food Research

Microbiota/host interactions in the human gut: role of Ruminococcus gnavus E1 in mucins' degradation

Award winner: Hanyin Cui

Institution: University of Durham

Estimation of inclusion size and number distribution in liquid metals using ultrasonic methods

Award winner: Omer Dushek

Institution: University of Oxford

Investigating signal initiation in T-cell receptor clusters

Award winner: Goki Eda

Institution: Imperial College London

Large-area thin films from graphene

Award winner: Benoit Fauque

Institution: University of Bristol

Nature of the electronic ground state of a 3D metal near the quantum limit

Award winner: Ariel Feldman

Institution: University of Manchester

Joshua and his texts in Second Temple times

Award winner: James A. Gillis

Institution: University of Cambridge

Development and evolution of the vertebrate pharyngeal endoskeleton

Award winner: Jorg Gotte

Institution: University of Bristol

Displacing light beams with surface metamaterials

Award winner: Marcin Gruszecki

Institution: University of Warwick

Magneto-hydrodynamic wave diagnostics of space plasmas

Award winner: Maria Rosa Guerrieri

Institution: University of Edinburgh

The role of nitrogen deposition in driving carbon uptake by forest ecosystems

Award winner: Zhipeng Guo

Institution: University of Oxford

Solidification dynamics under applied external physical fields

Award winner: Pedro Hallal

Institution: Institute of Child Health

Effects of early-life exposures on physical activity and body composition throughout the lifespan

Award winner: Sridhar Hariharaputran

Institution: Royal Holloway, University of London

An integrated network of metabotropic glutamate receptor interactions

Award winner: Dong-Ku Kang

Institution: Imperial College London

High-throughput droplet-based microfluidic systems for analysis of protein-protein interactions

Award winner: Chenfeng Ke

Institution: University of Bristol

Towards glucose sensing with synthetic lectins

Award winner: Konstantinos Kostarakos

Institution: University of Cambridge

The sensory-to-motor interface of cricket auditory behaviour

Award winner: Pintu Kumar Mandal

Institution: University of Leeds

Novel carbohydrate inhibitors for bacterial toxins

Award winner: Fabiana Li

Institution: University of Manchester

Gold and glaciers: an ethnography of equivalence and incommensurability in the global economy

Award winner: Yixian Lin

Institution: University College London

Early glass and pigments from Majiayuan Cemetery, Gansu, China

Award winner: Amos Madhlopa

Institution: University of Strathclyde

Development of a dynamic model for computation of solar distribution in a double-slope solar still

Award winner: Tamar R. Makin

Institution: University of Oxford

Functional consequences of multisensory plasticity following hand amputation in the human brain

Award winner: Sonali Nag

Institution: University of York

Children at risk for reading difficulties in Kannada, an Indian alphasyllabary

Award winner: Pablo Navarro

Institution: University of Edinburgh

Analysis of the gene-regulatory network controlling ES cell identity

Award winner: Thao Nguyen

Institution: Royal Holloway, University of London

A replicable and sustainable ICT-enabled business model to benefit women-run micro-enterprises

Award winner: Kate Nixon

Institution: University of Manchester

Fundamental studies of the ionisation of laser-aligned atoms and molecules by low-energy electrons

Award winner: Chukwuma Okoye

Institution: University of Leeds

The postcoloniality of African theatre and performance

Award winner: Christopher Olivola

Institution: University College London

From fundamental psychological principles to the valuation of human lives

Award winner: Kirill Ospovat

Institution: Queen Mary, University of London

Socialising culture: court society, patronage and culture in 18th-century Russia

Award winner: Maria Pala

Institution: University of Leeds

Origins and expansion of mitochondrial DNA haplogroup HV and the modern human settlement of West Eurasia

Award winner: Ali Usman Qasmi

Institution: Royal Holloway, University of London

Exploring pluralism in Islamic traditions: the Shia Muslims of Punjab since 1857

Award winner: Huanguang Qiu

Institution: School of Oriental and African Studies

The economics of biofuel production: social and environmental impacts in China

Award winner: Harapriya Rath

Institution: University of Manchester

Porphyrins and expanded porphyrins as linkers between heterometallic rings

Award winner: Guillaume Saint-Guillain

Institution: King's College London

Identities, colonialisms and state transformations in the 13th-century Mediterranean

Award winner: Arjan Schakel

Institution: University of Edinburgh

Regional reform and territorialisation of party systems

Award winner: Simone Severini

Institution: University College London

Quantum networks dynamics

Award winner: Shad Siddiqui

Institution: University of Birmingham

Mechanistic study of formation of kinetically trapped nanoemulsions for future health foods

Award winner: Yonatan Sivan

Institution: Imperial College London

Bringing together metamaterials and non-linear optics

Award winner: Kyriaki Skartsila

Institution: Natural History Museum

Hydroxylapatite nanoparticles: their reactivity and potential toxicity

Award winner: Yury Suleymanov

Institution: University of Oxford

Quantum-mechanical effects in chemical-reaction rates

Award winner: Masayoshi Tanaka

Institution: University of Leeds

Biomimetic fabrication of highly regulated, biocompatible nanowires using tubulated liposomes

Award winner: Fang Wang

Institution: University of Sussex

A new sub-grid scale two-phase turbulent combustion model using fully resolved direct numerical simulation

Award winner: Pavlos Xenitidis

Institution: University of Leeds

Symmetries and integrability of lattice equations and related partial differential equations

Award winner: Rui Yang

Institution: Queen Mary, University of London

Electrically small antennae loaded with metamaterials for body-centric wireless communications


The Finnis Scott Foundation

Institution: University of Northampton

Value: £57,000

Conserving crop and wild flower pollinating insects

The grant will aid research into the conservation of pollinators in the region by providing three years of financial backing for a PhD student at Northampton. The student will be supported by Jeff Ollerton, senior lecturer in ecology, and Jon Stobart, professor of history. The cross-disciplinary research will involve an examination of garden records, such as planting schemes in historical archives, and ecological surveys of insects in gardens.

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