Grant winners

July 9, 2009

Natural Environment Research Council

- Award winner: J.E.A. Marshall

- Institution: University of Southampton

- Value: £71,204

The terrestrial Frasnian/Famennian mass-extinction event?

- Award winner: P.A. Wilson

- Institution: University of Southampton

- Value: £40,714

Climate response to orbital forcing during the Eocene deglaciated, high-temperature, high CO2 state: new records from sites 1,210, 1,258 & 1,267

- Award winner: A. Folkard

- Institution: Lancaster University

- Value: £50,752

What can fine-scale stratification structure in thermal microscale profiles of lakes tell us about their turbulence history?

- Award winner: W. Bloss

- Institution: University of Birmingham

- Value: £35,832

Artificial chemical ageing of ambient atmospheric aerosol

- Award winner: I.J. Fairchild

- Institution: University of Birmingham

- Value: £32,655

Elemental signals in karst: from soil to speleothem

- Award winner: J. Lead

- Institution: University of Birmingham

- Value: £50,847

Quantifying the physicochemical characteristics of cerium oxide nanoparticles; a preliminary for eco-toxicological investigations

- Award winner: D. Selby

- Institution: Durham University

- Value: £35,499

Characterising mantle input during the Cenomanian/Turonian oceanic anoxic event using osmium isotopes

- Award winner: M. Rehkamper

- Institution: Imperial College London

- Value: £23,205

Assessment of cadmium isotopes as a paleoclimate proxy

- Award winner: D.J. Prior

- Institution: University of Liverpool

- Value: £29,459

A new method to track the evolution of rock microstructures in shear deformation experiments

- Award winner: P. Langdon

- Institution: University of Southampton

- Value: £44,072

Pinpointing abrupt climate change in Patagonia using tephrochronology and improved age modelling

- Award winner: W. Dubbin

- Institution: Natural History Museum

- Value: £58,807

Control of catecholate siderophore metal preference by fulvic acid

- Award winner: D. Vance

- Institution: University of Bristol

- Value: £,370

Non-steady-state weathering in an ice-house world: the record from soils

- Award winner: E.R.C. Hornibrook

- Institution: University of Bristol

- Value: £36,125

Real-time high-resolution visualisation of methane emissions from wetlands using multi- spectral infrared imaging

- Award winner: H.A. Kennedy

- Institution: Bangor University

- Value: £64,393

Diapycnal transfer of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus across the seasonal thermocline in stratified shelf seas

- Award winner: A.M. Haywood

- Institution: University of Leeds

- Value: £38,540

UK contribution to the Pliocene Modelling Intercomparison Project

- Award winner: D.R. Parsons

- Institution: University of Leeds

- Value: £55,170

Development of an innovative method to measure dynamic pressure, erosion and deposition in environmental flows

- Award winner: L.C. Skinner

- Institution: University of Cambridge

- Value: £37,459

Coupled radiocarbon and neodymium isotopes: improved reconstructions of deep-ocean circulation change

- Award winner: E.J. Pearson

- Institution: Newcastle University

- Value: £91,644

Deciphering timings and rates of abrupt climate changes over the late-glacial Holocene period: the Lake Suigetsu biomarker record

- Award winner: C.J. Warren

- Institution: The Open University

- Value: £79,933

Developing rutile chrono-thermometry in polymetamorphic assemblages for deciphering stages of mountain belt evolution

In detail

Award winner

D.P. Mattey


Royal Holloway, University of London

Value £42,037

Speleothem records of monsoon intensity: evaluating proxy fidelity via cave process monitoring in the Shillong plateau, NE India

This project intends to collect drip water and carbonate formations from caves in the hub of the Indian summer monsoon to investigate the causes of this extreme weather condition. Professor Mattey's team will provide the first detailed study of its kind, capturing data in a rain-soil-limestone tropical environment.

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