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June 11, 2009

Geography and environmental sciences

• Critical Transitions in Nature and Society

By Marten Scheffer, professor

of environmental sciences, Wageningen University

Princeton University Press, £26.95

ISBN 9780691122045

Scheffer describes the dynamic systems theory underpinning critical transitions, covering topics including catastrophe theory, bifurcations and chaos.


• The Mayor of Aihara: A Japanese Villager and His Community, 1865-1925

By Simon Partner, associate professor in Japanese studies,

Duke University

University of California Press, £32.95 and £13.50

ISBN 9780520258587 and 8594

Taking the biography of Aizawa Kikutarõ as its central focus and incorporating intimate details of life drawn from his diary, The Mayor of Aihara chronicles the transformation of Hashimoto against the backdrop of Japan’s rapid industrialisation.

• Mean Streets: Chicago Youths and the Everyday Struggle for Empowerment in the Multiracial City, 1908-1969

By Andrew J. Diamond, associate professor of American history and civilisation, Université Charles de Gaulle-Lille 3

University of California Press, £14.95

ISBN 9780520257474

Mean Streets focuses on the streets, parks, schools, and commercial venues of Chicago from the era of the 1919 race riot to the civil rights battles of the 1960s to cast a new light on street gangs and to place youths at the centre of the 20th-century American experience.


• Re-Reading Harry Potter

By Suman Gupta, professor

of literature and culture,

The Open University

Palgrave Macmillan, £50.00

and £14.99

ISBN 9780230219571 and 9588

This book discusses the political and social presumptions

ingrained in the texts of the

Harry Potter series and examines the manner in which they have been received in different contexts and media.

Media and communication studies

• Olympic Women and the Media: International Perspectives

Edited by Pirkko Markula, professor of socio-cultural studies of sport and physical activity, University of Alberta

Palgrave Macmillan, £52.00

ISBN 9780230222847

Through feminist theorising and qualitative textual analysis, the contributors discuss sexualisation, nationalism, success, failure and the visibility of women athletes

in newspaper reporting of the 2004 Athens Olympic Games in Asia, Europe and the US.


• Digging: The Afro-American Soul of American Classical Music

By Amiri Baraka, professor emeritus, State University of

New York at Stony Brook

University of California Press, £15.95

ISBN 9780520257153

In this assemblage of his writing

on music, Baraka blends autobiography, history, musical analysis and political commentary to recall the sounds, people, times and places he has encountered.


• Postinternationalism and Small Arms Control: Theory, Politics, Security

By Damien Rogers, affiliate scholar, School of Social Sciences, Australian National University

Ashgate, £60.00

ISBN 9780754675389

Rogers examines how the international community has responded to the challenge of controlling small arms and light weapons since the early 1990s, focusing on the maturing relationships between particular actors on the world stage.

• Brand New Ireland? Tourism, Development and National Identity in the Irish Republic

By Michael Clancy, associate professor in international politics, University of Hartford

Ashgate, £55.00

ISBN 9780754676317

By examining tourism in the Republic of Ireland over the past 20 years, Clancy explores tourism’s role in the “Celtic Tiger” phenomenon and uses tourism as a lens for observing national identity formation in a period of rapid change.

• Organizational Cooperation in Crises

By Lina M. Svedin, assistant professor in political science, University of Utah

Ashgate, £55.00

ISBN 9780754677253

Svedin presents a systematic examination of organisational co-operation in crises by bringing together three research traditions on co-operation to examine how their variables fare empirically when applied to a set of cases and decision situations.

North Korea’s Foreign Policy under Kim Jong Il: New Perspectives

Edited by Tae-Hwan Kwak, professor emeritus of political science, Eastern Kentucky University, and Seung-Ho Joo, professor of political science, University of Minnesota-Morris

Ashgate, £60.00

ISBN 9780754677390

This study examines North Korea’s current foreign policy under Kim Jong-Il as well as its bilateral relations with the US, China, Russia, Japan and South Korea.

• The Politics of Global Regulation

Edited by Walter Mattli, professor of international political economy and fellow, St. John’s College, Oxford, and Ngaire Woods, professor of international political economy, University of Oxford

Princeton University Press, £38.95 and £14.95

ISBN 9780691139609 and 9616

Mattli and Woods present an analytical framework to explain regulatory outcomes at the global level and offer a series of case studies that illustrate the challenges of a global economy in which many institutions are less transparent and are held much less accountable by the media and public officials than are domestic institutions.

Social sciences

• When Experiments Travel: Clinical Trials and the Global Search for Human Subjects

By Adriana Petryna, associate professor of anthropology, University of Pennsylvania

Princeton University Press,

£38.95 and £14.95

ISBN 9780691126562 and 6579

When Experiments Travel documents the complex ways

in which commercial medical science is being integrated into local healthcare systems and emerging drug markets.

• Crisis and Change in the British and Dutch Prison Services: Understanding Crisis-Reform Processes

By Sandra L. Resodihardjo, lecturer in social sciences, Leiden University

Ashgate, £55.00

ISBN 9780754675495

Examining the conditions under which a crisis in a policy sector can lead to significant reform within the sector, this study draws on crises within the British and Dutch prison services.

• Democracy in Social Movements

Edited by Donatella della Porta, professor of sociology, European University Institute

Palgrave Macmillan, £55.00

ISBN 9780230218833

This collection explores conceptions and practices of democracy of social movement organisations involved in global protest and focuses on the global justice movement and how they adopt new democratic approaches.

• Sport and Social Identities

Edited by John Harris, associate professor in sports administration, Kent State University, and Andrew Parker, professor of sport and Christian outreach, University of Gloucestershire

Palgrave Macmillan, £55.00 and £19.99

ISBN 97802305355 and 9780230535282

This book looks at how identities are constructed and reinforced in sport, exploring notions of race, class, sexuality and nationalism and is aimed at students of sociology and sports studies.

Theatre studies

• Theatre, Facilitation and Nation Formation in the Balkans and Middle East

By Sonja Arsham Kuftinec, associate professor of theatre, University of Minnesota

Palgrave Macmillan, £50.00

ISBN 9780230005396

Kuftinec addresses how theatre might intervene in violent inter-ethnic conflict through detailed case studies of the Balkans and

the Middle East.

Biological sciences

• Human Impacts on Salt Marshes: A Global Perspective

By Brian R. Silliman, assistant professor of zoology, University of Florida, Edwin D. Grosholz, professor and Alexander and Elizabeth Swantz specialist in co-operative extension, University of California, Davis, and Mark D. Bertness, Robert P. Brown professor of biology, Brown University

University of California Press, £35.00

ISBN 9780520258921

This volume details how humans have modified salt marshes around the world and why these vital habitats need protection as well as offering recommendations about what should be done to remediate current threats and restore the structure and function of salt marsh ecosystems.

• Oceanic Anglerfishes: Extraordinary Diversity in the Deep Sea

By Theodore W. Pietsch, Dorothy T. Gilbert professor and curator of fishes, Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, University of Washington

University of California Press, £61.00

ISBN 9780520255425

Pietsch delivers a summary of all that is known about anglerfishes – morphology, diversity, evolution, geographic distribution, bioluminescence and reproduction.

• Resource Strategies of Wild Plants

By Joseph M. Craine, assistant professor of biology, Kansas State University

Princeton University Press, £59.95 and £26.95

ISBN 9780691139111 and 9128

Drawing from recent findings in plant-herbivore interactions, ecosystem ecology, and evolutionary ecology, Craine explains how plants attain available nutrients, withstand the immense stresses of drying soils, and flourish in the race for light.

• The Balance of Nature: Ecology’s Enduring Myth

By John Kricher, A. Howard Meneely professor of biology, Wheaton College

Princeton University Press, £14.95

ISBN 9780691138985

The Balance of Nature traces the history of the science of ecology and evolutionary biology, from the discipline’s early innovators to the advent of Darwin and evolution, to the scientific minds of today.

Film studies

• The Tactile Eye: Touch and the Cinematic Experience

By Jennifer M. Barker, assistant professor of moving image studies, Georgia State University

University of California Press, £35.00 and £14.95

ISBN 9780520258402 and 8426

Barker argues that the experience of cinema can be understood as deeply tactile – a sensuous exchange between film and viewer that goes beyond the visual and aural, gets beneath the skin and reverberates in the body.


• From Demon to Darling: A Legal History of Wine in America

By Richard Mendelson, lecturer in law, University of California, Berkeley

University of California Press, £17.95

ISBN 9780520259430

This study takes the story of wine from the early support for wine as a beverage to the moral and religious fervour that resulted in Prohibition and the governmental controls that followed repeal to the present-day emergence of a significant wine culture.

Philosophy and theology

• Knowledge

By Duncan Pritchard, professor of philosophy, University of Edinburgh

Palgrave Macmillan, £60.00 and £16.99

ISBN 9780230230484 and 9780230019447

Pritchard offers students an exploration of topics central to current epistemological debate, and covers such topics as virtue epistemology, anti-luck epistemology, epistemological disjunctivism and attributer contextualism.

• The Positive Function of Evil

Edited by Pedro Alexis Tabensky, lecturer in philosophy, Rhodes University

Palgrave Macmillan, £50.00

ISBN 9780230219557

This collection explores the controversial and perhaps even abject idea that evils, large and small, human and natural, may have a central positive function to play in our lives.

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