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Top universities where you can study business & management

Do you see yourself as the CEO of a Fortune 500 company? Do you have an amazing idea you want to grow into a global business? If so a degree in business and management is the perfect place to start. Business and management is a consistently popular choice among students and most universities and colleges teach the subject in some form.

Courses cover a wide array of specialisations but start out broad and allow students to focus on a specific area later on. Students can expect to look at areas like technology, marketing, economics, statistics, accounting and ethics. Degree programs also look at how and why organisations work, as well as the global business environment. Students can expect to gain knowledge of the different areas of a business and how they function together as well as strategy and management skills.

Most business courses also have a practical element, requiring students to complete a final year business project which will involve applying theoretical learning and research skills in real world business communities. Many universities foster contacts with businesses and run internship schemes allowing students to make contacts and gain valuable first-hand experience.

The degree prepares you for a career in business giving graduates a wide range of options. Many business and management graduates go to work in marketing, finance, HR and sales after graduating.By graduation many students have a good idea of which particular sector they want to move into. Larger firms often offer graduate trainee schemes which as an excellent first step on the career ladder. 

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