Grant winners

April 17, 2008


The Wellcome Trust has dispensed £30 million in grants to 26 UK research groups to work on the Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium project (WTCCC) announced last year. The grants are to analyse genetic data as part of the largest-ever study of the genetics behind common diseases such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and coronary heart disease. The list below details 14 of the 26 UK research groups that will work in collaboration with the WTCCC. They have been awarded grants totalling £17 million. The 12 groups that will be working independently of the consortium will be published next week.

- Award winner: Jenefer Blackwell

Institution: University of Cambridge

Visceral leishmaniasis

- Award winner: Matthew Brown

Institution: University of Oxford

Ankylosing spondylitis

- Award winner: Juan Casas

Institution: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine


- Award winner: Adrian Hill

Institution: University of Oxford

Bacteraemia susceptibility

- Award winners (institution): Chris Mathew (King's College London), Miles Parkes (University of Cambridge), Jeffrey Barrett (University of Oxford), Jack Satsangi (University of Edinburgh)

Ulcerative colitis

- Award winner: Alistair Compston

Institution: University of Cambridge

Multiple sclerosis

- Award winner: Hugh Markus

Institution: St George's, University of London

Ischaemic stroke

- Award winner: Robin Murray

Institution: King's College London

Psychosis endophenotypes

- Award winner: Colin Palmer

Institution: Dundee University

Pharmacogenomics of statin response

- Award winner: Robert Plomin

Institution: King's College London

Reading and mathematics abilities

- Award winner: Richard Trembath

Institution: King's College London


- Award winner: Ananth Viswanathan

Institution: Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS, London


- Award winner: Nicholas Wood

Institution: Institute of Neurology, University of London

DNA variants in Parkinson's disease

- Award winner: Janusz Jankowski

Institution: Queen Mary, University of London

Barrett's oesophagus and oesophageal adenocarcinoma


- Award winner: Niki Trigoni

Institution: University of Oxford

Value: £494,639

SUAAVE: Sensing Unmanned Autonomous Aerial Vehicles

- Award winners (institution): Ehud Reiter (University of Aberdeen), Annalu Waller (University of Dundee)

Value: £57,550 (Aberdeen), £102,258 (Dundee)

"How was school today ... ?" Supporting narrative for non-speaking children: feasibility study

- Award winners (institution): Michael Finnis (Imperial College London), Carla Molteni (King's College London), Stewart Clark (Durham), Ian Morrison (Salford), Werner Hofer (Liverpool), Chris Pickard (St Andrews), Graeme Ackland (Edinburgh), Mike Payne (Cambridge), Chris-Kriton Skylaris (Southampton), Matt Probert (York), Jorge Kohanoff (Queen's University Belfast), Keith Refson (Science and Technologies Facilities Council), Mike Gillan (UCL)

Value: £23,712 (Imperial), £7,976 (King's), £7,022 (Durham), £92,574 (Salford), £9,076 (Liverpool), £7,035 (St Andrews), £20,712 (Edinburgh), £25,073 (Cambridge), £89,146 (Southampton), £399,414 (York), £7,706 (Queen's), £6,600 (STFC), £31,268 (UCL)

Support for the UK Car-Parrinello Consortium

- Award winner: Tony Dodd

Institution: University of Sheffield

Value: £731,774

Cargo screening ferret


- Award winner: Helen Picton

Institution: University of Leeds

Value: £522,004

Biological foundation for epigenetic investigations of ART derived human oocytes and embryos

- Award winner: Neil Sheerin

Institution: Newcastle University

Value: £600,000

The effect of genetic polymorphism in complement proteins on clinical renal transplant outcome

- Award winner: Tony Day

Institution: University of Manchester

Value: £577,072

Investigation of the roles of TSG-6 and inter-alpha-inhibitor in female fertility

- Award winner: Claire Harris

Institution: Cardiff University

Value: £688,152

Role and diagnosis of complement dysregulation in disease.

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