Study in Lebanon

Lebanon is often described as a country where different worlds meet. A gateway between east and west. A diverse, cosmopolitan jumble of European and Middle Eastern influences which the Lebanese have taken, and made into a unique culture all of their own.

Elegant cities and ancient cedar trees skirt the dazzling blue waters of the eastern Mediterranean. Lebanese food is some of the finest in the world and the delicious cuisine, stunning scenery and friendly locals made Lebanon the go-to destination for the wealthy and well-travelled in the first half of the 20th century.

Since then, Lebanon has faced turbulent times but its capital Beirut (once known as “the Paris of the East”) remains welcoming to travellers and students seeking to experience this beautiful, multi-faceted land.

Lebanon is an ancient place with ruins and world heritage sites dotted along mountain valleys and along its coast. Beirut is an ancient city which owes much of its cosmopolitan atmosphere to its two most famous universities, the American University of Beirut and the Université Saint-Joseph, both of which foster close ties with the West.

The city is also home to numerous private universities and the country’s only public university, the Lebanese University. Famous Lebanese people include the writers Khalil Gibran and Georges Schehadé as well as Charles Elachi, director of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. 

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29 October