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Argentina is one of the most well-known countries in South America. Since independence from Spain in 1816, Argentina has welcomed waves of immigrants from all over the world, most notably Italy and Spain, and has thus become a true melting pot of European and Latin-American cultures. Study in Argentina and you get to experience that melting pot first-hand. 

Every aspect of Argentine life has been influenced by the people who have come to reside there, be it the Italo-Spanish blend that defines Argentine cuisine, to the huge variety of languages spoken in Argentina’s different regions (and even in the famous musical and theatrical traditions of Buenos Aires). 

It is this blend of cultures that can offer an enticing prospect for those students looking to expand their horizons and experience a cultural mix rarely found in other parts of the world. 

The country’s oldest university is the National University of Cordoba, founded in 1613 and considered one of the largest and most capable universities in the country. Argentina has had a large number of well-known and famous sons and daughters, including multiple Ballon D’or winner Lionel Messi, Pope Francis, and the man who performed the first safe blood transfusion, Luis Agote.

If you want to study in Argentina, then you need to know which of its universities are right for you. Times Higher Educations World University Rankings take the top institutions in the world, and look at their performance across all of their core objectives: teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook.

Argentina has 1 university in the overall Times Higher Educations World University Rankings. The highest-ranking university in Argentina is National University of the South, which is ranked at number 801+.

Choosing where to study for a degree in Argentina is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. THE’s student resources are here to help you make the right choice, particularly if you want to study abroad. Explore the university of Argentina below - we’ve pulled together some information that we hope will help you to decide where to study.

Use the map to see where Argentina’s top university is located, and if any institutions are of particular interest, you can click on their name, or the “explore” button, to find out more. We’ve also pulled in information about how much Argentina is investing in its higher education, and also how many people live there.

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Caminito Street in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Top universities in Argentina

University Rank*
National University of the South 801+

Statistics about Argentina

  • Expenditure on education out of total expenditure 15.09%
  • Of which, on higher education 20.23%
  • Enrollment rate in higher education 79.99%
  • Population 43,416,755
  • Unemployment 8.2%
  • Annual GDP 2.37%
Data source: The World Bank