A tightrope walker

Academic precarity is a special kind of ‘torture’, observes Siobhan O'Dwyer, but scholarly life is not all doom and gloom

Johannes Haushofer lists failures in attempt to 'balance the record' on how he climbed the greasy pole of academia

Elvis Presley impersonator in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Most research isn't rocket science, so just do your best, says Beth McMillan

A man with a CCTV camera on his head

Campus staff will have to report their whereabouts to managers when they leave their ‘normal place of work’ for a morning or afternoon


Tim Softley, Peter Schiffer and Reitumetse Obakeng Mabokela explain the benefits of a transatlantic partnership

People carrying model of Albert Einstein's head, Science Museum, London, England

Asked how they would like to be remembered, high-achieving physicists cited intellectual accomplishments while others referred to personal qualities

Robot bartender serving customers, Ilmenau, Germany

Analysis reveals some disciplines could leave graduates at a much greater risk of being replaced by machines in the future

Three ice cream cones

Take it as a compliment if other people are doing similar studies to you, says Sam Schwarzkopf

Rising graphs

Graduate start-ups also show employment and turnover growth, although fewer are being founded

Homosexuality and homophobia

Kieran Fenby-Hulse asks whether being gay limits opportunities for researchers

Double exposure of woman's face

Rejection hurts more when you don't have a long-term contract to fall back on, says Helen Lees

Wendy Piatt, Russell Group

Elite universities are unhappy that new rules targeting charities and big business will hit institutions hard, says Wendy Piatt

Kazakh couple in fairy tale dress

Getting a permanent job is only the beginning, not a fairy-tale ending, says Helen De Cruz

Andrew Sachs singing as 'Manuel', Fawlty Towers

Pervasive claims that non-native speakers of English are unfairly discriminated against by publishers are rebutted by linguistics expert

Young mother studying at home with baby

Gaining a PhD is a tough act for most students, so how do those with new babies cope while having the additional demands of parenthood?

A pile of coins increasing in size

Ucea says additional payroll pressures and market instability means uplift is ‘at the limit of affordability’ for many institutions

The week in higher education cartoon (17 March 2016)

The good, the bad and the offbeat: the academy through the lens of the world’s media

Teacher speaking at front of classroom

Several research-intensive universities are on list, but many institutions dispute the findings

Black academic in lecture theatre

Winston Morgan explores what his career might reveal about the position of ethnic minority academics

Twitter logo above silhouettes of people in discussion

As the social media platform celebrates its 10th anniversary, Jack Grove examines how it has changed doctoral study