Students protesting against Brexit in front of the House of Commons

Students and lecturers join forces for a national demonstration over cuts, fee rises and the plight of EU staff and students post-Brexit

Elly Walton illustration (10 November 2016)

It’s not just EU nationals that universities should worry about losing, says Timothy Devinney, and a shrinking pound won’t help

Miles Cole illustration (10 November 2016)

What links the anxious, fearful undergraduate and the anxious, fearful academic? Pervasive precarity, argues Matthew Vernon

Chariot of Musicians, Detail from Earth painting, Claude Deruet

Scholars share what the title means to them and offer the newly promoted advice on handling the status update

People taking part in Skype call in conference room

In the first of a new series of articles, leading academics and university administrators will share tips on how to get ahead in higher education. Here, those involved in hiring explain how to handle a Skype interview

Starting a PhD might feel like beginning a journey into uncharted territory, so having a clear sense of direction in the first 100 days is vital, explain Kevin O’Gorman and Robert MacIntosh

Gao kao exam in China. Policemen rescue woman who fainted

As meritocratic approach to education finds favour in UK, academic argues its dystopian original meaning has come to pass in China

Maria Hergueta illustration (20 October 2016)

UUK must help advance equality at the front of the lecture hall through loan write-offs and conferences, says Geraldine Van Bueren

Climber being helped to climb mountain

We all need good advice – the problem is making sure you know where to find it, and how to accept it, says John Tregoning

Bertil Andersson, Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

We speak to the head of Nanyang Technological University about the rise of Asia, what it’s like being a European leading a Singaporean institution, and barbecue chicken

Goslings under wing

Graduate teachers will be placed on the university’s pay scale and receive the same employment benefits as other staff


A new report suggests standards by which departments may consider social media and other public communications in promotion decisions

Workmen repairing a lift

Internal analysis finds women earn 10.5 per cent less than men of similar experience and research productivity

Head of Statue of Liberty, New York City

Christopher Phelps surveys a field that lends itself to interdisciplinarity, while a British scholar laments that UK institutions prefer Americans for Americanists

Recruiter browsing photos of potential candidates

Headhunters are far from lazy and harmful, says Kim Frost, who uses them all the time

Young couple walking along canal with reflection on water

Walking supervision sessions around Birmingham and pub-based academic chats have won praise from PhD candidates

University students working on a patentable invention

Competition for postdoctoral fellowships is fierce, so your application needs to stand out as realistic, coherent and compelling. Here, five Stanford University scientists reveal 10 tips from their own experiences when attempting to secure a place


Lacking insight and seeking only enrichment, search firms deliver obvious, uninspiring candidates, argues a business school professor

Women sitting at giant table

‘Too early’ to say if employer and employee contributions will have to be increased again, says chief executive

UCU dispute board

Effectiveness and impact of one-day strikes targeted at university graduation and open days also questioned by expert and employers