The ‘indigenisation’ of Canada’s academy has had many positives, but some scholars are uneasy about universities’ reluctance to challenge native beliefs about the world, say Rodney Clifton and Gabor Csepregi

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Elsevier report highlights countries and subjects where gender equality is improving the most

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To mark International Women’s Day, academics and administrators reflect on leadership challenges

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Warwick seminar hears German and Swiss universities lead the way on support for partners

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Analysis of deans shows women are less likely to be rehired than men

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Duke University’s Valerie Ashby says institutions must be more ‘intentional’ about finding ethnic minority PhD candidates

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Discriminating in hiring practice against particular intellectual perspectives is no less sinister than discriminating against particular political persuasions, says Glenn Geher


Top university administrators explain how to get the right person when hiring

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Liz Morrish reflects on why she chose to tackle the failings of the neoliberal academy from the outside
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Research finds that working overseas can boost PhD holders’ salaries 

Brain drain

Latest Hesa data throw spotlight on disciplines most at risk from flight of EU talent from UK 

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Like cricket, academia needs specialists, and revised calendars and tech will show teachers belong in the top order, says Merlin Crossley


Living next to the US is like sleeping with an elephant. But will the election of a divisive president see more Americans pack their trunks and trump, trump, trump up to Canada? asks Glen Jones

Data reveal research ties between US and Muslim nations targeted by attempted ban

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Tired of the lies and back-patting that CVs are made of, Roger Watson eyes an alternative with a long list of virtues

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Lecturer Rachel Moss on the casualties of a demanding academic culture

Overall higher education staff headcount up 2 per cent, new data reveal

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Understanding the unwritten rules of graduate study is vital if you want to get the most from your PhD supervision, say Kevin O'Gorman and Robert MacIntosh

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Keep it brief, tailor to the job requirements and do not mention your hobbies. Our panel of top university administrators offer some tips on how to write a top-notch CV

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Fixing problems in the academic job market by reducing the number of PhDs would homogenise the sector, argues Tom Cutterham