Young couple walking along canal with reflection on water

Walking supervision sessions around Birmingham and pub-based academic chats have won praise from PhD candidates

University students working on a patentable invention

Competition for postdoctoral fellowships is fierce, so your application needs to stand out as realistic, coherent and compelling. Here, five Stanford University scientists reveal 10 tips from their own experiences when attempting to secure a place


Lacking insight and seeking only enrichment, search firms deliver obvious, uninspiring candidates, argues a business school professor

Women sitting at giant table

‘Too early’ to say if employer and employee contributions will have to be increased again, says chief executive

UCU dispute board

Effectiveness and impact of one-day strikes targeted at university graduation and open days also questioned by expert and employers

Man crowd surfing on inflatable bed, Bestival 2015, Isle of Wight

Sites like Patreon and Kickstarter allow backers to fund independent scholars, but for now, the sums are small

Career progression, woman walking across stepping stones in water

Progressing from junior faculty to tenured professor is extremely difficult, but following ‘action-oriented’ competencies can help, research suggests

Fork in the Road

Eight years ago, Carol Hay and John Kaag took the same position at the same university, and their lives since then offer fascinating insight into academic career progression 

Scientist writing in notebook in laboratory

All scientists can improve their writing skills by realising that they need to sell as well as tell the story, says author of new guide

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Scholars should cheer up and learn to take the rough with the smooth, says John Tregoning

Tsinghua University students riding bicycles on campus

New book explores the anxieties of Peking and Tsinghua students caught between their parents, the Communist Party and new Western ideas about education

A tightrope walker

Academic precarity is a special kind of ‘torture’, observes Siobhan O'Dwyer, but scholarly life is not all doom and gloom

Johannes Haushofer lists failures in attempt to 'balance the record' on how he climbed the greasy pole of academia

Elvis Presley impersonator in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Most research isn't rocket science, so just do your best, says Beth McMillan

A man with a CCTV camera on his head

Campus staff will have to report their whereabouts to managers when they leave their ‘normal place of work’ for a morning or afternoon


Tim Softley, Peter Schiffer and Reitumetse Obakeng Mabokela explain the benefits of a transatlantic partnership

People carrying model of Albert Einstein's head, Science Museum, London, England

Asked how they would like to be remembered, high-achieving physicists cited intellectual accomplishments while others referred to personal qualities

Robot bartender serving customers, Ilmenau, Germany

Analysis reveals some disciplines could leave graduates at a much greater risk of being replaced by machines in the future

Three ice cream cones

Take it as a compliment if other people are doing similar studies to you, says Sam Schwarzkopf

Rising graphs

Graduate start-ups also show employment and turnover growth, although fewer are being founded