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Prizes of £80,000 in unrestricted funding up for grabs for best junior principal investigators

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Applying for an academic job has become such a disengaged process that it is difficult to bring anything to your application to make it stand out, says John Brinnamoor

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The suicide of a student on campus made Steven A. Miller realise that his students didn’t need a philosophy class to remind them of their impending deaths 

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Civil servant status and national pay scales mean senior academics earn less than peers elsewhere

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With academics reluctant to take sick leave, universities must become more aware of the dangers of ‘presenteeism’, says Gail Kinman

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Without more conservative perspectives in the academy, lawmakers will increasingly ignore and potentially defund social science, says Musa al-Gharbi

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Robert MacIntosh and Kevin O’Gorman offer advice on climbing the career ladder

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US researcher claims that white academics are given more time to study and write

Cleveland, Ohio, USA - July 20, 2016: Participants in the 'Wall Off Trump' immigration march and rally demonstrate outside the Quicken Loans Arena, site of the Republican National Convention, on its third day.

Researcher warns that anti-immigrant sentiment could affect pipeline of academic talent

Steve Keen, Kingston University

Steve Keen laments loss of ‘time and freedom’ for universities’ ‘original thinkers’

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Comments are a further sign that European institutions are gearing up to poach UK-based researchers

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Cramming study into the shortest possible time will impoverish the student experience and drive an even greater wedge between research-enabled permanent staff and the growing underclass of flexible teaching staff, says Tom Cutterham

The ‘indigenisation’ of Canada’s academy has had many positives, but some scholars are uneasy about universities’ reluctance to challenge native beliefs about the world, say Rodney Clifton and Gabor Csepregi

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Elsevier report highlights countries and subjects where gender equality is improving the most

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To mark International Women’s Day, academics and administrators reflect on leadership challenges

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Warwick seminar hears German and Swiss universities lead the way on support for partners

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Analysis of deans shows women are less likely to be rehired than men

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Duke University’s Valerie Ashby says institutions must be more ‘intentional’ about finding ethnic minority PhD candidates

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Discriminating in hiring practice against particular intellectual perspectives is no less sinister than discriminating against particular political persuasions, says Glenn Geher


Top university administrators explain how to get the right person when hiring