Black female scientist

Many researchers also ‘harbour unrealistic expectations’ about academic careers

careers book

Leru says that commission’s focus should be on improving scholars’ employment prospects

Man on bike

Pragya Agarwal explains how lecturers can support first-year students as they make the transition to the self-directed learning required at university

Peter Agre at World Academic Summit

US physician also tells summit that, while governments change, ‘science goes on’

Man in peacock costume

Metric on self-referencing could provide ‘truer’ citation data, say researchers

Asian tourists in London

Get the basics right to ensure overseas learners flourish, say Kevin O’Gorman and Robert MacIntosh

Harp lesson
Tips on how to master the art of small group teaching
Mick Marston illustration (17 August 2017)

Spreading the word on social media about research can help academics get ahead, but is it too much of a distraction, asks Brooke Erin Duffy

packed items

Andrew Southgate and Rob Turner offer some tips on organising a study-abroad trip following a visit to a Japanese university

Personal development

Many UK doctoral students view professional development as a ‘distraction’ or a ‘waste of time’, says study

Boxing mentor

Emily McIntosh and David Grey offer advice on rediscovering a ‘lost art’

Carrot on stick

Without more research funding, senior Indonesian academics are unlikely to be able to meet new government-imposed publication standards, says Martin Surya Mulyadi

damaged fruit

Discipline at ‘critical point’ in UK as universities struggle to replace retiring staff, says report led by Newcastle vice-chancellor

Technology in higher education

How can higher education prepare students for jobs that do not even exist yet? asks Christina Slade

Man at desk marking

Marking large numbers of student scripts can be tedious, but it’s important to get the feedback process right, say Kevin O’Gorman and Robert MacIntosh

carers support

Researchers with complex caring commitments are often suffering in silence, explains Marie-Pierre Moreau

Woman being silenced by hand

Treatment of engineering scholars seen as sign of hostile ‘prove it again’ attitude

Full Metal Jacket

Coping with negative feedback can be difficult, but it is a crucial part of being an academic, say Kevin O’Gorman and Robert MacIntosh

Welcome to Canada

International professors on short stays will no longer need a work permit

Vintage photo of people stepping in line

Understanding the etiquette, subtext and routines of academic interviews can help applicants get the job, say Kevin O’Gorman and Robert MacIntosh