Man reading book on subway train, No Pants Subway Ride, Prague, 2015

Study suggests there may be long-term benefits from publishing, but critics warn of ‘too much, too soon’

Piles of coins increasing in size (pension/savings)

Extra contributions are likely to cost many university staff more than £1,000 a year, analysis shows

Man pushing against clock hands

Advice on how to cope with all the work and when to say no to opportunities

strangest questions asked about your PhD

Doctoral student Ana Kedveš asked her colleagues to submit the strangest questions they have faced

Witness Dzobo at work in Ebola treatment centre, Sierra Leone

From the Ebola outbreak in West Africa to special needs education in the UK, more mid-career professionals are taking professional doctorates

electricity joule faraday degree

Researcher recommends reassessing selection criteria for PhD funding as several great scientists did not gain a first or a 2:1

solitude introvert

Biology lecturer Anne Osterrieder reflects on the importance of solitude for academics

Gift-wrapped helicopter on launch pad

Bosses’ pay rose by 3 per cent on average to £272,432, according to a new University and College Union report

Woman doing handstand

Job descriptions demand early career academics be multitalented ‘superheroes’, a study suggests

Female lecturer writing on classroom blackboard

Many black and ethnic minority staff at universities are also downbeat about their promotion chances, according to a new University and College Union survey

Professional swimmer diving on false start

Chief scientist at UK arm of French electronics giant Thales says big business is frustrated at retention rates for such students

One in 12 who suffer the suicide of a friend or relative will leave university, study says

5 o'clock clock

Dave Sayers shares his tips on how to boost productivity

The week in higher education cartoon (28 January 2015)

The good, the bad and the offbeat: the academy through the lens of the national press

Academics need to recognise that a linear career progression is no longer the norm, says William Locke

Woman sitting alone in empty conference centre

With the latest data showing that just 17 professors in the UK are black women, two explain how a new award will help more ethnic minority staff thrive

Shoeshine boy polishing man's shoes

Higher Education Academy report proposes a raft of changes to help improve reward and recognition of good teaching at universities

Student asking question during class

University of Reading research finds link between undergraduate satisfaction and ethnicity of lecturers

Record number of universities feature in this year’s Stonewall Top 100 Employers list

Stressed businessman answering four telephones

Some surveys show faculty putting in at least 60 hours a week, but research casts doubt on whether this is a productive routine