Maria Hinfelaar, appointed vice-chancellor of Glyndwr University

President of Limerick Institute of Technology to join North Wales university in April

Boys taking part in uphill race, Brockworth, Gloucestershire

But despite increased income, academics increasingly employed on teaching-only contracts, says King’s College London study

ecr chat PhD first job juggling careers

Juggling multiple departmental roles on top of teaching and research can leave new lecturers feeling ‘punch-drunk’, explains new appointee Richard Budd

Olivia Vivian on balance beam, Commonwealth Games, 2014

Even academics in ‘safe’ positions are feeling insecure

Woman trimming sprouts with scissors

Study suggests students taught by academics with teaching qualifications are more likely to pass, but less likely to get first-class scores

Gender balance

Official figures show gap fell 2.4 percentage points for full-time staff

Jo Johnson, Minister for Universities and Science

2016 Best University Workplace Survey responses doubt TEF’s influence on classroom practice

Magician pulls rabbit out of hat

Machiavellian tactics used by university leaders and their minions are often viewed as malevolent, but they are vital to running an organisation, says new study

By Colleen Flaherty, for Inside Higher Ed

Female scientist in lab

Vast majority find position in STEM-related careers, although fewer stay in research over the longer term

Man holding book and singing

Tricks of presenting a successful academic conference paper are revealed by co-author of a popular public speaking guide

how to give a conference paper academic ask question

Advice from a guide prepared by two academics will help you to impress a conference audience

In his second blog, John Tregoning offers some more advice on coping with scholarly stress

prevent agenda downing street dossier henry jackson society

The ‘naming and shaming’ of universities that have hosted extremist speakers has raised more questions about the intentions of the Prevent agenda, says Jack Grove

Hitchhiking robot

Co-founder of investment firm says that more early career academics should be encouraged to think about the entrepreneurial route

graduate employability

Students willing to pay at least £1,700 more on average for better employability, suggests survey

fail, failure, F, grade

Failing is part of being an academic, says John Tregoning, so we should be ready for it

Man holding suitcase in airport

Anxieties over overseas posts largely overlooked as academy highlights benefits of global mobility, researchers claim

Grant winners failing to comply with policies to end cronyism and other practices face penalties

Just one in 10 researchers has completed an internship away from the academy, a new survey says