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Sally Everett explains how her institution used low-cost and creative measures to transform its support services

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Academia often treats leavers as failures, but some of our smartest scholars are starting to see walking away as liberation, writes Inger Mewburn


Library staff should think in terms of the whole university if they want to advance, Sconul report says

Eton wall shenanigans

The most effective institutions in ‘oiling elite trajectories’ are now universities, not schools, find Sam Friedman and Aaron Reeves 


Junior researchers being ‘held back’ by the ordering of names on joint papers, study finds

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Robert MacIntosh explains how academics should tackle their first university administrative role

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In-depth examination of researchers’ career paths suggests few adhere to long-held stereotype that the young publish more

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Leading higher education professionals heading for executive teams of Australian universities

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Josiah Marineau on the importance of giving a purpose to students’ passion

Making time for yourself

Focusing on your own priorities makes it possible to enjoy an easier and more productive working life, says Mark Reed

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After this year’s laureates were announced, 50 winners share the secrets of their success

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Pragya Agarwal considers what aspiring doctoral students can do to make their application stand out from the rest

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Publishing is part of the academic game, says Mike Smith, so you’d better get good at it 

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Quiet acceptance of accent discrimination damages efforts to make classrooms more inclusive, says Katerina Loukopoulou

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Is your resolution for the new academic year to publish more? Here, 16 scholars give advice on pitching, editing and writing – and dealing with negative peer reviews

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Adam Szetela has been speaking to some high profile scholars about how to write well, and this is what he found out

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Studies from industry and academia show there are significant benefits to incentivising supportive behaviour, says Theo Gilbert

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Salary transparency can promote equality but also tends to foment jealousy and strife among academic staff, as Adrian Furnham has seen at first hand

Black female scientist

Many researchers also ‘harbour unrealistic expectations’ about academic careers

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Leru says that commission’s focus should be on improving scholars’ employment prospects