Grant Winners

January 27, 2011


These awards range in value from £10,000 to £30,000. The first tranche of winners was published last week.

• Award winner: Andy Purvis

• Institution: Imperial College London

Biotic responses to environmental change: bridging from meso to macro scales

• Award winner: Rodrigo Quian Quiroga

• Institution: University of Leicester

Study of complex brain processes with single-cell recordings in humans

• Award winner: Steve Rawlings

• Institution: University of Oxford

Science on the path to the Square Kilometre Array

• Award winner: Nancy Reid

• Institution: University College London

Statistical theory and methods for complex data

• Award winner: Eelco Rohling

• Institution: University of Southampton

Climate-change and sea level (C-CHASE)

• Award winner: Alan Stitt

• Institution: Queen's University Belfast

Towards vascular stem cell therapy for ischaemic retinopathies

• Award winner: Jonathan Timmis

• Institution: University of York

An interdisciplinary approach to self-healing swarm robotic systems


• Award winner: Nick Jelley

• Institution: University of Oxford

• Value: £224,754

A low-cost solar concentrator using simple surfaces

• Award winner: Dennis Wheeler

• Institution: University of Sunderland

• Value: £249,884

Arctic climate change 1750-1850: new insights from old documents

• Award winner: Catherine Higgitt

• Institution: British Museum

• Value: £151,400

Andean textiles: organic colourants, biological sources and dyeing technologies

• Award winner: Konstantin Vasilevskiy

• Institution: Newcastle University

• Value: £248,103

GRApheNe Transistor grown by local solid-phase epitaxy

• Award winner: Anthony Davis

• Institution: University of Bristol

• Value: £106,009

Chiral encoding in the origin of life?

• Award winner: Juan Garrahan

• Institution: University of Nottingham

• Value: £147,212

Non-equilibrium dynamics of open quantum systems

• Award winner: Sharon Ashbrook

• Institution: University of St Andrews

• Value: £162,944

Ionothermal 17O enrichment and solid-state NMR of microporous solids

• Award winner: Zhaohui Luo

• Institution: Royal Holloway, University of London

• Value: £147,661

Lexical semantics in type theory with coercive subtyping

• Award winner: Mark Brown

• Institution: Royal Holloway, University of London

• Value: £110,528

Are bumblebees the extended phenotype of nematodes? A transcriptomics approach

• Award winner: Stephen Mann

• Institution: University of Bristol

• Value: £157,485

The quest for molten proteins

• Award winner: David Wild

• Institution: University of Warwick

• Value: £197,690

Analysing protein energetics with statistical machine learning

• Award winner: Jonathan Lee

• Institution: University of Birmingham

• Value: £208,486

Prediction error and memory reconsolidation

• Award winner: Neil Cameron

• Institution: Durham University

• Value: £230,121

A synthetic cell that displays receptor-mediated endocytosis


• Award winner: Hilary Gunn

• Institution: University of Plymouth

• Value: £19,915

An investigation of the risk factors associated with falls in people with multiple sclerosis


• Award winner: Nicola Walsh

• Institution: University of the West of England

• Value: £249,999

Research into clinical and cost-effectiveness of prescribing exercise and self-management for older people with chronic knee, hip or back pain.

Many older people experience joint pain that leads to functional difficulties. The exercise and self-management recommended are delivered as joint-specific interventions. The benefits of generic classes for people with chronic knee, hip or lower back pain are yet to be established.

Walsh and her team aim to determine whether a six-week exercise and self-management regimen improves function and how the cost of this combined approach compares with that of continued GP management.

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