Grant winners

January 10, 2008

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

- Award winner: John Wood
- Institution: University College London
- Value:£3.6 million
Transgenic approaches to sensory neuron function

- Award winner: Nigel Scrutton
- Institution: University of Manchester
- Value: £2.8 million
Fast promoting motions (FPMs): A step change in our understanding of enzyme catalysis

The above awards are made under the BBSRC longer and larger grants scheme (LoLa)

Medical Research Council

- Award winner: Teresa Dorothy Tetley
- Institution: Imperial College London
- Value: £600,000
Mechanisms of bioreactivity of engineered nanoparticles with pulmonary gas exchange barrier

- Award winner: Shareen Heather Doak
- Institution: Swansea University
- Value:£379,170
Understanding the genotoxic potential of ultra-fine superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

- Award winner: Philip Nelson
- Institution: University of Southampton
- Value: £3,268,363
The Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton

- Award winner: Chris Hankin
- Institution: Imperial College London
- Value: £ 5,499,255
Building new capability in structural ceramics

- Award winners: Robert Fildes (Lancaster), Edmund Burke (Nottingham), Russell Davies (Cardiff) and Alistair Fitt (Southampton)
- Institutions: Universities of Lancaster, Nottingham, Cardiff and Southampton
- Value: £5,428,605
The Lancs (Lancaster, Nottingham, Cardiff and Southampton) Initiative in Foundational Operational Research: Building Theory for Practice

- Award winners: Grahame Bulfield (Edinburgh) and Patrick Corbett (Heriot-Watt)
- Institutions: University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University
- Value: £5,089,708
Carbon capture from power plant and atmosphere

- Award winner: Mark Smith
- Institution: University of Warwick
- Value:£3,697,900
Warwick Centre for Analytical Science

The above awards are made under the EPSRC Science and Innovation Awards (fourth round) and will establish new centres of research activity. Funding is also provided by the Higher Education Funding Council for England, the Scottish Funding Council and the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales

Economic and Social Research Council

- Award winner: N. T. Carter
- Institution: University of York
- Value: £92,172
Is the European Parliament an environmental champion?

- Award winner: J. L. McParland
- Institution: University of Glasgow
- Value: £97,836
Exploring justice issues in chronic pain: sufferer and partner perspectives

- Award winner: K. Nation
- Institution: University of Oxford
- Value: £99,939
Learning to read words: what's meaning got to do with it?

- Award winner: G. Farrell
- Institution: Loughborough University
- Value: £98,426
Sustaining the crime drop in industrialised nations: a crime-specific problem-solving approach

- Award winner: F. Guala
- Institution: University of Exeter
- Value: £99,992
The neuroscience of conventions and norms (society, social behaviour and the neurosciences)

- Award winner: L. M. Connell
- Institution: University of Manchester
- Value: £99,017
The role of perceptual modalities in conceptual processing

- Award winner: M. B. Elvins
- Institution: University of Dundee
- Value: £76,560
UK and Dutch counter-drugs policies in the Caribbean: a comparative analysis

- Award winner: I. Mennen
- Institution: Queen Margaret University
- Value: £95,747
The ups and downs of learner intonation: a cross-language and longitudinal investigation of the intonation systems of L2 learners

- Award winner: M. T. Blagrove
- Institution: Swansea University
- Value: £99,660
The effects of recreational MDMA (ecstasy) on skills learning, memory, sleep and the memory consolidation function of sleep

- Award winner: R. G. Healey
- Institution: University of Portsmouth
- Value: £99,981
Migration, economic opportunity and the railroads: movement of heavy-industry workers in the northeast US 1850-1900

- Award winner: A. C. Nicholson
- Institution: University College London
- Value: £91,256
Does religious involvement promote individual health independent of social influences?

- Award winner: K. A. Platman
- Institution: University of Warwick
- Value: £94,351
Profiting from experience: an international perspective on lifelong learning and knowledge management in high-tech small and medium-sized enterprises

- Award winner: E. Scanlon
- Institution: The Open University
- Value: £99,772
The use of graphical representations to support debate around an interactive whiteboard in Key Stage 2 science

The above awards are funded under the ESRC small grants programme

- Award winner: F. Postel-Vinay
- Institution: University of Bristol
- Value: £455,994
Structural models of individual wage dynamics and matched employer-employee data: theory, estimation and policy implications

- Award winner: W. Hollway
- Institution: The Open University
- Value: £6,033
Maternal identities, care and intersubjectivity: a psychosocial approach

- Award winner: K. N. Nwajiaku-Dahou
- Institution: University of Oxford
- Value: £336,110
Being and becoming ethnic in Europe and Africa: state and the politics of recognition in Nigeria, France and the UK

- Award winner: C. J. Berry
- Institution: University College London
- Value: £320,864
Testing formal single and dual-system models of recognition, priming and fluency

- Award winner: G. Room
- Institution: University of Bath
- Value: £254,338
Agile actors on complex terrains: towards a new policy analytics

- Award winner: B. Shah
- Institution: University College London
- Value: £248,026
Ethnicity, religion and citizenship among the children of immigrants in the UK and US

- Award winner: T. Kelly
- Institution: University of Edinburgh
- Value: £3,613
Tortured ethics: an anthropology of international law and politics

- Award winner: A. Pye
- Institution: University of Exeter
- Value: £774,914
Directors and board process in FTSE companies: the continuing study of doing corporate directing

- Award winner: J. P. Wann
- Institution: Royal Holloway, University of London
- Value: £386,348
Judgments of vehicle approach in a road-crossing situation among primary school children

- Award winner: G. Altmann
- Institution: University of York
- Value: £430,417
From language-mediated eye movements to goal-directed action: mapping language onto perception and action

- Award winner: D. Mareschal
- Institution: Birkbeck, University of London
- Value: £458,160
Learning to combine sense and experience for optimal perceptual judgments

- Award winner: S. Hackett
- Institution: Durham University
- Value: £429,781
Recidivism, desistance and life-course trajectories of young sexual abusers: an in-depth follow-up study, ten years on

The above awards are funded under the ESRC standard grants and fellowships programme (October 2007).

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