Sub-panel chairs for the 2008 research assessment exercise

一月 14, 2005

Cardiovascular medicine , Patrick Vallance, University College London

Cancer studies , Peter Selby, Cancer Research UK Clinical Centre, Leeds University

Infection and immunology , Andrew McMichael, Oxford University

Other hospital-based clinical subjects , John Savill, Edinburgh University Medical School

Other laboratory-based clinical subjects , Andrew Wyllie, Cambridge University

Epidemiology and public health , Stephen Frankel, Bristol University

Health services research , Ray Fitzpatrick, Oxford University

Primary care and other community-based clinical subjects , Philip Hannaford, Aberdeen University

Psychiatry, neuroscience and clinical psychology , Peter McGuffin, Manchester University

Dentistry , David Williams, Southampton University

Nursing and midwifery , Hugh McKenna, Ulster University

Allied health professions and studies , Julius Sim, Keele University Pharmacy, Robert Hider, King's College London

Biological sciences , David Finnegan, Edinburgh University

Pre-clinical and human biological sciences , R. Alan North, Manchester University

Agriculture, veterinary and food science , Christopher Pollock, Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research

Earth systems and environmental sciences , Stephen Sparks, Bristol University

Chemistry , Jeremy Sanders, Cambridge University

Physics , John Pendry, Imperial College London

Pure mathematics , Ken Brown, Glasgow University

Ap plied mathematics , Timothy Pedley, Cambridge University

Statistics and operational research , Bernard Silverman, Oxford University

Computer science and operational research , Keith Van Rijsbergen, Glasgow University

Electrical and electronic engineering , Steve Williamson, Manchester University

General engineering and mineral and mining engineering , Geof Tomlinson, Sheffield University

Chemical engineering , Stephen Richardson, Imperial College London

Civil engineering , Adrian Long, Queen's University, Belfast

Mechanical, aeronautical and manufacturing engineering , Neil Halliwell, Loughborough University

Metallurgy and materials , Julia King, Imperial College London

Architecture and the built environment , Alan Penn, University College London

Town and country planning , John Punter, Cardiff University

Geography and environmental studies , Keith Richards, Cambridge University

Archaeology , Graeme Barker, Cambridge University

Economics and econometrics , David Greenaway, Nottingham University

Accounting and finance , Andrew Stark, Manchester University

Business and management studies , Mike Pidd, Lancaster University

Library and information management , John Feather, Loughborough University

Law , Celia Wells, Cardiff University

Politics and international studies , Anthony Payne, Sheffield University

Social work and policy and information management , Peter Taylor-Gooby, Kent University

Sociology , John Scott, Essex University

Anthropology , Hastings Donnan, Queen's University, Belfast

Development studies , Barbara Harriss-White, Oxford University

Psychology , Dianne Berry, Reading University

Education , Margaret Brown, King's College London

Sports-related studies , Clyde Williams, Loughborough University

American studies and Anglophone area studies , Paul Cammack, Manchester Metropolitan University

Middle Eastern and African studies , Carole Hillenbrand, Edinburgh University

Asian studies , Terry King, Hull University

European studies , Michael Smith, Loughborough University

Russian, Slavonic and East European languages , Derek Offord, Bristol University

French , Margaret Atack, Leeds University

German, Dutch and Scandinavian languages , Helen Watanabe O'Kelly, Oxford University

Italian , Zygmunt Baranski, Cambridge University

Iberian and Latin American languages , Catherine Davies, Nottingham University

Celtic studies , Seamus Mac MathNona, Ulster University

English language and literature , Rick Rylance, Exeter University Linguistics, John Local, York University

Classics, ancient history, Byzantine and modern Greek studies , Michael Whitby, Warwick University

Philosophy , Antony Duff, Stirling University

Theology, divinity and religious studies , George Newlands, Glasgow University

History , Pauline Stafford, Liverpool University

Art and design , Paul Gough, University of the West of England

History of art, architecture and design , Sandy Heslop, University of East Anglia

Drama, dance and performing arts , Christopher Baugh, Kent University

Communication, culture and media studies , Peter Golding, Loughborough University

Music , Andrew Wathey, Royal Holloway, University of London.

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