Academic life

Free speech

Chelsea Manning case brings calls in US to acknowledge attempts from right to silence campus free speech

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The way in which academic departments are typically formed creates more barriers than benefits, says Zahir Irani

Image of Oxford University life from a book by Martin Parr

Book and exhibition by one of the UK’s most renowned photographers stem from unprecedented access to elite university


The bullying and subsequent suicide of a talented Ivy League scientist exposes ugly truths about the cruelty and dysfunction at the heart of academic science


Universities’ shabby treatment of casual academics flies in the face of their professed commitment to education and dignity, says Jedidiah Evans

Glasgow vice-chancellor Sir Anton Muscatelli defends ‘cost-efficient’ sector driving UK growth

Andrew Chadwick

Digital media democracy expert on tension between control and engagement, and need for less interesting research in his field

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Eric Royal Lybeck says the Russell Group and UUK do not represent academics and calls for a comprehensive voice representing the professional interests of scholars

Examining teeth

Less than 10 per cent of tweets on journal articles represent genuine engagement with content, finds study

Christian Edwards

The ex-footballer explains why his PhD means more than his Wales cap, and how his Cardiff Met team reached the verge of Europe

Nobel prizewinner

A survey of 50 laureates is full of insight, warnings and the can-do attitudes powering ‘beautiful minds’

Melvyn Bragg

The radio show In Our Time is a sort of academic seminar on the airwaves. Its presenter tells Matthew Reisz about bringing scholars to the public, and the risks UK academia faces

China flag

Seven top universities establish political monitoring units in response to state ‘rectification reports’


Penn and San Diego law academics’ opinion piece, arguing ‘all cultures are not equal’, brings calls for institutions to speak out

mental health, thinking

More work is needed to understand the mental health needs of researchers, say Susan Guthrie and Catie Lichten

Selfie with camels

Instagram posts aim to overcome perception that researchers are typically male and white

Singapore Skyline

Singaporeans are starting to question the benefit of recruiting so much global research talent, say Pang Eng Fong and Linda Lim

Eleanor Shakespeare illustration (24 August 2017)

It is time to consider how we can stop senior academics bullying their way on to research papers, says Trisha Greenhalgh

Buried treasure

Scholars divulge which treasured possession they would rescue from their office before heading for the emergency exit if a fire broke out on campus

Liam Anslow illustration (24 August 2017)

Brain-boosting drugs can help students and academics alike to unlock their potential, says Hemmel Amrania