Academic life

Ghana flags, THE Africa Universities Summit 2016

Nana Akufo-Addo tells student audience that country must invest in education to prosper

Nicole Prause

We talk to the neuroscientist and sex researcher about prudish attitudes, personal threats and what goes on in a sex research lab

Disability on Campus

Five academics talk about the issues associated with various disabilities and what should be done to improve support

University of Manchester

UCU figures on job cut plans in 2017 reveal scholars’ vulnerability in wake of Brexit and TEF

Scholars' inboxes are a minefield of spam, newsletters, and the odd invitation to meet a very important person

rush to get out of water

One in three scholars in field ‘deeply concerned’ about future research career prospects


Seven academic leaders share their experiences at the departmental helm along with their tips on how to squeeze the best out of sceptical staff and meagre budgets – and still find time for research

Two hands exchanging money

Despite the economic downturn following the last recession, a real-terms fall in pay at UK universities since 2010-11 was still surprising, writes Simon Baker

asian woman with hulk painting
First transnational study of stress in universities finds Germany’s academics are happiest
Kenny Dalglish

Agnes Bäker and Amanda Goodall have found that academics who are happiest at work have a head of department who is a distinguished researcher. How can such people be encouraged into management?

opinion illustration

While not all student-supervisor relationships end in disaster, permitting them infringes women’s right to education, participation and a safe work environment, say five female academics 

Wolfram Schultz
Wolfram Schultz, eminent neuroscientist, on proving sceptics wrong, the value of working in different countries and the comfort of beer
A worker directs pedestrians on a street in the central business district of Sydney
Warnings that US and Australian policies threaten academic and student movement
Shirley Tate

We discuss realising what it means to be black in the UK, dealing with insomnia, and institutional racism in the academy, with the renowned race and black identity scholar

Workmen at university

Scholars with working-class backgrounds are ideally placed to change how academics are perceived, says Stefanie Stiles

Brain made up of rusting gears

Political scientist at Arizona State University thought to have taken his own life

Group eating outside store selling pizza for one dollar

Mackleen Desravines uses film to show that not all academics ‘have nice offices and fabulous lifestyles’

Colouring pencils

Satirical take on sector also has serious message for university leaders, says author

Baroness Ashton of Upholland

The former leader of the House of Lords talks inequality, widening access to higher education and keeping on top of technology

Group of people stranded on desert island

Study finds that employees at universities’ overseas outposts feel less supported than their home campus colleagues