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Academia often treats leavers as failures, but some of our smartest scholars are starting to see walking away as liberation, writes Inger Mewburn

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Getting innovations to market can be a conundrum, but help and support is available for those limbering up for the knowledge exchange framework, says Siraj Ahmed Shaikh 

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Hollywood and Westminster have been rocked by tales of sexual assault and abuse. Is academia similarly plagued by misuse of power and sexual misconduct? Five scholars offer their views

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Academic warns universities need to take impact of accent on credibility seriously as it has ‘demotivated’ overseas lecturers

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Observers hope scrapping financial audits could lead other funders to cut down on research grant bureaucracy

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US scholars' tendency to award extra credit for attending non-core lectures hastens the academy's slide into transactionalism, says Robert Zaretsky 

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Getting universities’ houses in order may well mean publicly dismissing some very eminent academics, say Graham Towl and Kelsey Paske

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Modern universities do not always allow the necessary time for scholars’ intellectual pursuits, but slow philosophy can help address this unhappy situation, says Michelle Bolous Walker

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Efforts by granddaughter of William Carlos Williams to persuade the Nobel Foundation to acknowledge the US poet could open door for other disciplines

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Kingsley Purdam on the relentless need to gather feedback – and why the results of doing so are not always of much value

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Long-running legal saga involving US academic and Sir Peter Scott concludes after court verdict

Bone cutters, a trepanning tool and a cloth used to wrap King George II are among the discoveries on a Halloween tour of St George's in London, explains Carly Manson

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Stephen Halliday used to hate pointless meetings until he found a way to exploit the tedium

Turkey’s president was unwise to evoke Animal Farm when his attack on academics has eerie echoes of George Orwell’s novel, says Umut Özkirımli

Professor allegedly demanded ‘superhuman commitment’ from doctoral students, allowing them barely any holiday and setting meetings that ran past midnight

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Robert MacIntosh explains how academics should tackle their first university administrative role

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UK researcher who travelled to predatory conference in Denmark calls for greater awareness of problem

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The scholarly better halves of literary sleuths flatter academic readers’ egos with their virtue, says Emily Michelson


Universities not doing enough to protect staff from harm, researchers say

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New Zealand-based academic and Australian citizen Vicki Spencer on being refused entry to the US – despite complying with all visa regulations