Academic life

Lord Coe

We talk doping, ‘slithering’ through university and breaking world records with the former double Olympic champion

Full Metal Jacket

Coping with negative feedback can be difficult, but it is a crucial part of being an academic, say Kevin O’Gorman and Robert MacIntosh

Mick Marston illustration (22 June 2017)

Don't dismiss the meditation technique as a fad: its well documented benefits for those in demanding careers make a strong case for teaching it at university, says Craig Hassed

Vice-chancellor explains traditional offices and teaching styles will disappear at £330 million Waterside project

Wimbledon scorer

Some vice-chancellors will decry the results of the teaching excellence framework, but should recognise areas of poor teaching it exposes, says Edward Peck

ventriloquist puppet

HEC Paris’ Alberto Alemanno says academics who influence policy ‘often’ do it in return for money

Pippa Rogerson

We talk diversity, the joy of family meals and Professor Stephen Hawking with the new Cambridge college master

David Humphries illustration (15 June 2017)

Academics can acquire cult-like followings, but our goal should not be self-aggrandisement but the advancement of others, says Shahidha Bari

Dying lion

Publication of data showing long-term graduate earnings by discipline has huge potential to improve higher education, says Jack Britton

Anthony Giddens

Former LSE director on how he overcame academic struggles to become Bill Clinton’s favourite political theorist, and the future for Labour

Meredith Woo

We talk about the importance of women-only colleges, academics’ role in policymaking and personal tragedy with the noted political scientist

office worker asleep

Endless bureaucratic reorganisations in universities are increasing stress levels of academics, says Gail Kinman

Thatcher Heather May and Blair as rowers at Oxford

Oxford has educated almost all post-war British leaders. Anthony Seldon looks at Oxbridge’s powerful political role

Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat rosettes

Some MPs turned out of office might turn to academia for employment. But what do former political high-flyers bring to a university, and what are the potential downsides? Jack Grove reports

Illusionist appearing to levitate

Techniques designed to promote ‘openness and curiosity’ may have an important role to play in promoting mental health and performance

Glen Wright on the lighter side of scholarly collaboration

Lord Hastings

We talk mind-shaping, global citizenship and racial tolerance with the former BBC senior manager

Ana Deletic

The award-winning professor discusses Yugoslavia’s war, women and engineering, and how nationalism hurts research

files with post it notes
10,000 references in, David Zeitlyn reflects on the joys of avoiding looking like a fool
record, music, change the record

Are scholars really so out of touch with the real world or do we need to look again at this tired narrative that doesn’t reflect the reality of modern academia, asks James Georgalakis