Academic life

Louis Taillefer

We talk misconceptions about quantum physics, the importance of global research collaboration and Nobel prize aspirations with the award-winning Canadian physicist

Man making a phonecall while sick in bed

With academics reluctant to take sick leave, universities must become more aware of the dangers of ‘presenteeism’, says Gail Kinman

Matthew Brazier illustration (23 March 2017)

While learning to work quickly is a useful life skill, a greater gift to students is permitting unhurried excursions and digressions, says Shahidha Bari

The University of Aberdeen

Tim Ingold and colleagues at the University of Aberdeen have created a manifesto that they hope will preserve higher education's true values

Alexander Wedderburn

Former president of the British Psychological Society remembered

Zandra Rhodes

The fashion designer talks about treating a university education like a nine-to-five job, the importance of student interaction and defying graduation clothing convention

women leapfrog. Vintage

Robert MacIntosh and Kevin O’Gorman offer advice on climbing the career ladder

Wire fence

US researcher claims that white academics are given more time to study and write

hippies at summer of love

Canadian scholar urges universities to back off from policing what people do in private

Chris Morgan, University of Dundee

The comics researcher discusses ‘Mickey Mouse’ degree accusations, lessons on wartime alliances and the perils of eating cheese before bedtime

Mick Marston illustration (9 March 2017)

When the US primary season threw up numerous examples of weak and fallacious argument, Michael Ventimiglia thought his time had come. But subsequent events left him grappling with his discipline’s apparent impotence

female conductor

To mark International Women’s Day, academics and administrators reflect on leadership challenges

Keep left sign

Thinktank conflates THE online opinion survey with separate data, John Morgan writes

valerie ashby duke university north carolina trinity

Duke University’s Valerie Ashby says institutions must be more ‘intentional’ about finding ethnic minority PhD candidates

Mariana Mazzucato

The author of The Entrepreneurial State discusses misconceptions surrounding innovation, rethinking the role of the public sector and her aims as founder of a new innovation institute at UCL

Man standing on another man's head

Scholars report higher levels of depressive symptoms and social withdrawal

Horror films and even video games may influence the way many people think about universities, new book says

Vikram Patel

We talk to psychiatrist Vikram Patel about delivering healthcare in low-resources communities, how academics can learn from acting, and the hippy lifestyle of Goa

boys practise surveying

New document sets 'benchmark' for others to follow, according to research policy expert

Laurel and Hardy sawing a plank of wood

Working with other academics can be tricky so follow some key rules, say Kevin O'Gorman and Robert MacIntosh