Grant Winners

January 20, 2011


Service Delivery and Organisation Programme

• Award winner: Graham Martin

• Institution: University of Leicester

• Value: £131,995

The medium-term sustainability of organisational innovations in the National Health Service

Public Health Research Programme

• Award winner: Catherine Law

• Institution: UCL Institute of Child Health

• Value: £391,169

A population-level evaluation of a family-based community intervention for childhood overweight and obesity


• Award winner: Alberto Naveira Garabato

• Institution: University of Southampton

• Value: £70,000

Physical oceanography

• Award winner: Alain George

• Institution: University of Edinburgh

• Value: £70,000

Islamic art

• Award winner: Mathias Siems

• Institution: University of East Anglia

• Value: £70,000

Comparative law

• Award winner: Angus Gowland

• Institution: University College London

• Value: £70,000

Intellectual and cultural history of early modern Europe

• Award winner: Julia Lovell

• Institution: Birkbeck, University of London

• Value: £70,000

Modern Chinese history

• Award winner: Giorgio Riello

• Institution: University of Warwick

• Value: £70,000

Global history

• Award winner: Alice Rio

• Institution: King's College London

• Value: £70,000

Medieval history

• Award winner: Alan Strathern

• Institution: University of Cambridge

• Value: £70,000

World history

• Award winner: Caucher Birkar

• Institution: University of Cambridge

• Value: £70,000

Pure mathematics (algebraic geometry)

• Award winner: Timothy Browning

• Institution: University of Bristol

• Value: £70,000

Number theory

• Award winner: Tom Coates

• Institution: Imperial College London

• Value: £70,000

Pure mathematics

• Award winner: Radek Erban

• Institution: University of Oxford

• Value: £70,000

Applied mathematics

• Award winner: Nicolai Meinshausen

• Institution: University of Oxford

• Value: £70,000



These awards range in value from £10,000 to £30,000.

Award winner: William Armbruster

• Institution: University of Portsmouth

Causes and correlates of evolutionary success and floral diversity in plants

• Award winner: Vladimir Falko

• Institution: University of Lancaster

Graphene: a two-dimensional electronic material

• Award winner: Duncan Graham

• Institution: University of Strathclyde

Responsive nanoparticles for multi-modal imaging

• Award winner: Todd Marder

• Institution: University of Durham

Fundamental studies and applications of chemical synthesis and catalysis

• Award winner: Sarah O'Connor

• Institution: University of East Anglia

Understanding and engineering alkaloid biosynthesis in Madagascar periwinkle

The rest of the winners will be listed next week


British Heart Foundation Northern Ireland

• Award winner: Anthony Collins

• Institution: Queen's University Belfast

• Value: £200,000

Investigations of cell volume control mechanisms during apoptosis in cells of the cardiovascular system

The team at Queen's University Belfast are researching therapies to prevent cardiac arrhythmia with the help of a £200,000 grant from the British Heart Foundation Northern Ireland. Dr Collins, from the Centre for Vision and Vascular Science at Queen's, explained: "This research is looking at the changes that take place in the muscle of a diseased heart - the changes that cause the irregular heartbeat. Our long-term aim is to look at ways of making the heart muscle better by developing gene or drug-based therapies."

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