Grant winners

July 16, 2009


The Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowships have been awarded to newly qualified postdoctoral researchers who show great promise. Each winner will receive £250,000 over four years.

Award winner: Sophie Pinner

Institution: University College London

Mechanisms of dendritic cell motility in stromal cell networks

Award winner: Jasmina Saric

Institution: Imperial College London

Differential metabolic mapping of immune mechanisms: the Leishmania major-induced Th paradigm in a new context

Award winner: Paul Huang

Institution: Institute of Cancer Research

Development of mass spectrometry tools to study signalling networks in vivo

Award winner: Ivan Matic

Institution: Wellcome Trust Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression, University of Dundee

Quantitative proteomic global profiling of SUMO subproteome in signalling pathways

Award winner: Hannah Mischo

Institution: London Research Institute, Cancer Research UK

SEN1 implications in DNA damage: an insight into AOAII

Award winner: Mary Wu

Institution: MRC National Institute for Medical Research

Defining signalling requirements of EMT for cancer metastasis and neural crest migration

Award winner: Erie Boorman

Institution: University of Oxford

Dissecting the contribution of anterior prefrontal cortex to decision-making with computational, statistical and neuroimaging approaches

Award winner: Marcia Lagarde

Institution: University of Sussex

Roles of the supporting cells in mechanical responses and neural excitation in the mammalian cochlea

Award winner: Andrew Lin

Institution: University of Oxford

Stochastic resonance in olfactory sensory processing

Award winner: Lynsey Meikle

Institution: University of Edinburgh

The functional implications of FMRP loss in visual-cortex plasticity

Award winner: Bernhard Staresina

Institution: University of Cambridge

Functional integration in the human medial temporal lobe during episodic memory formation

Award winner: Jennifer Brookes

Institution: University College London

A proposal for the determination of small molecule messages: the enigma of signalling in olfaction

Award winner: Jenna Cash

Institution: Queen Mary, University of London

Defining the role of chemerin peptides and chemR23 in the endogenous anti-inflammatory network

Award winner: Marie Schroeder

Institution: University of Oxford

Assessment of in vivo metabolism in failing hearts using hyperpolarised carbon-13 magnetic resonance

Award winner: Oliver Davis

Institution: King's College London

Identifying patterns of genome-wide association in the development of cognitive, behavioural and psychiatric disorders


Award winner: J.M. Webber

Institution: Cardiff University

Value: £,5

Reading Sartre: on phenomenology and existentialism

Award winner: R. Peel

Institution: University of Plymouth

Value: £29,353

Separateness and kinship: transatlantic exchanges 1600-1900

Award winner: A. Rowland

Institution: University of Salford

Value: £26,479

The future of testimony

Award winner: J. Hands

Institution: Anglia Ruskin University

Value: £36,542

Exploring new configurations of network politics

Award winner: J. Wynne

Institution: University of the Arts London

Value: £22,154

Bouncing off the walls: exploring architectural acoustics, the sculptural potential of sound and redundant technology


Award winner: Thomas Bowden

Institution: Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, Oxford

Molecular and functional basis for bunyaviral attachment and fusion

Mr Bowden will focus on zoonotic viruses that can cross the species barrier. Looking in particular at Rift Valley and Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever viruses, he will examine how they target receptor molecules present on the cell surface to aid in the development of antivirals.

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