Grant winners

十一月 24, 2011


Basic sciences

• Award winner: Wolfgang Muller

• Institution: Royal Holloway, University of London

• Value: £251,196

Spatially resolved Ca isotope systematics in vertebrates by LA-MC-ICPMS

• Award winner: Ben Ambridge

• Institution: University of Liverpool

• Value: £190,044

The formation and restriction of linguistic generalisations: integrating experimental and computer-modelling approaches

• Award winner: H.J. Ferguson

• Institution: University of Kent

• Value: £141,940

Understanding the minds of others: a cognitive approach to theory of mind

• Award winner: Jeffrey Bowers

• Institution: University of Bristol

• Value: £191,357

The role of local and symbolic representations in (the) mind and brain

• Award winner: Philip Gilmartin

• Institution: Durham University

• Value: £170,146

Plant sex determination: isolation of the hermaphrodite gene from silene dioica

• Award winner: Dmitry Turaev

• Institution: Imperial College London

• Value: £205,474

Arnold diffusion and fermi acceleration

• Award winner: Stephen Wiggins

• Institution: University of Bristol

• Value: £131,853

Theory, modelling and simulation in nanoscience: dynamics in complex systems

• Award winner: Richard J. Curry

• Institution: University of Surrey

• Value: £106,044

Direct magnetic measurement of excitonic-induced magnetisation in colloidal nanocrystals


• Award winner: Jonathan Mee

• Institution: University of Warwick

• Value: £228,406

Networks of improvement: British literary clubs and societies c.1760-c.1840

• Award winner: Susan Townsend

• Institution: University of Nottingham

• Value: £154,757

Automobility and the urban environment in Nagoya and Birmingham c.1955-73

• Award winner: Sacha Stern

• Institution: University College London

• Value: £134,338

Medieval Christian and Jewish calendar texts from England and Franco-Germany

• Award winner: Erik Schleef

• Institution: University of Manchester

• Value: £138,896

Regional language variation and the indexical field

• Award winner: Crispin Wright

• Institution: University of Aberdeen

• Value: £249,148

Relativism and the nature of rational tolerance

• Award winner: Martin Maiden

• Institution: University of Oxford

• Value: £50,246

The romance noun: a comparative-historical study of plural formation


• Award winner: James Russell

• Institution: De Montfort University

• Value: £98,668

Hollywood and the baby boom: a social history

Researchers working on this two-year project will attempt to write the history of a generation whose tastes and preferences have influenced American cinema for the past 60 years - and who continue to dominate the industry today. The project will focus on the American baby boomers as both audiences and film-makers, encouraging them to record their memories on a major website. By the end of the project, the team plan to create a web resource for future generations of scholars, and a monograph designed to provide fresh insights into the history of American cinema.



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