Grant Winners

八月 19, 2010


Career Acceleration Fellowship scheme

£38 million has been awarded to 46 researchers under the Leadership and Career Acceleration Fellowship scheme to help tackle the most pressing challenges facing the UK today. The fellowships will provide support to those with the greatest potential to become international research leaders; they will allow grant holders to dedicate themselves to their research areas and help fund costs. The remaining fellows will be published next week.

Award winner: A. Abdolvand

Institution: University of Dundee

Value: £843,799

Metal-glass nanocomposites through nanoengineering to application

Award winner: K. Bontcheva

Institution: University of Sheffield

Value: £591,754

Machine-learning methods for personalised, abstractive summarisation of consumer-generated media

Award winner: R. Briganti

Institution: University of Nottingham

Value: £563,181

Modelling coastal floods to support sustainable growth of coastal communities

Award winner: A.I. Coldea

Institution: University of Oxford

Value: £1,171,399

Emergent phenomena in novel correlated materials

Award winner: C.M. Davies

Institution: Imperial College London

Value: £589,859

Revealing and predicting the failure mechanisms in advanced materials for energy - enhancing life and efficiency

Award winner: A. Di Falco

Institution: University of St Andrews

Value: £674,985

METAFLEX - metamaterials on flexible optically transparent substrate

Award winner: A.M. Garcia

Institution: University of Cambridge

Value: £521,823

Search for novel mechanisms to increase the critical temperature of a superconductor

Award winner: J.H. Giansiracusa

Institution: University of Bath

Value: £432,648

Moduli spaces from a topological point of view

Award winner: A. Hammond

Institution: University of Oxford

Value: £547,739

Constrained random geometries: phase-boundary fluctuation and sub-ballistic motion

Award winner: R.J.A. Hill

Institution: University of Nottingham

Value: £517,821

Diamagnetic levitation for studies of fluids and granules in weightless conditions and for interdisciplinary science

Award winner: I.A. Ieropoulos

Institution: University of the West of England

Value: £564,560

Waste made useful by microbial fuel cells for energy generation

Award winner: M. Klemm

Institution: University of Bristol

Value: £743,121

Differential microwave imaging for advanced clinical applications

Award winner: M.K. Kuimova

Institution: Imperial College London

Value: £1,173,882

Investigating cellular mechanisms and photodynamic therapy using molecular rotors

Award winner: D.A. MacLaren

Institution: University of Glasgow

Value: £1,037,162

Integrating advanced nanomaterials into transformative technologies

Award winner: S. Maffeis

Institution: Imperial College London

Value: £591,978

Foundations of secure web programming

Award winner: A.E. Martinez

Institution: University of Glasgow

Value: £712,368

Quantum simulations of future solid-state transistors

Award winner: I. Mekhov

Institution: University of Oxford

Value: £756,624

Quantum optics with ultracold quantum gases

Award winner: A. Morozov

Institution: University of Edinburgh

Value: £477,181

Purely elastic instabilities and turbulence in flows of polymer solutions


Award winner: R.L. Jack

Institution: University of Bath

Value: £690,460

How fast does time flow? Dynamical behaviour in glasses, nanoscience and self-assembly

While many theories predict the manner in which living organisms age and die, there is presently no hypothesis to forecast the length of time the increase of disorder among cells may take. Dr Jack will use his career acceleration fellowship to investigate the flow of time, an essential aspect of the human experience. Considering three systems in which time flow is significant, Dr Jack will seek to develop a theory for the assembly and control of such structures, expanding upon fundamental theories in physics as well as providing practical insights in biology and nanotechnology.

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