Study in Lithuania

Lithuania is cementing its place on the world stage, and boasts one of the fastest growing economies in Europe and an expanding tourist sector fuelled by European visitors.

This small Baltic country is making a name for itself. But it’s not just the beautiful coastline, rugged forests and pristine lakes that make Lithuania such a popular place to visit. There is also a vibrant metropolitan life and ancient cultural and historic attractions.

Lithuania, like its neighbour Latvia, was pagan until the 14th century and its enduring folk traditions, festivals and stories have given the place a strong sense of national identity. The remnants of the county’s Soviet past can be found dotted around the landscape including the haunting remains of an old Soviet missile silo which has now been turned into a museum to the cold war. 

The capital city, Vilnius, is a charming baroque chocolate box of wooden winding side streets, hidden bars and fascinating boutiques in quiet courtyards. The country’s main universities can be found in the city too including Vilnius University (one of the oldest in Northern Europe), Mykolas Romeris University and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.

The cultural mix and beautiful scenery make Lithuania an attractive place to study and postgraduate courses in English are available at many universities.

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27 September