Grant winners

May 5, 2011

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

• Award winners: Dominic Joyce, Kobi Kremnizer, Raphaël Rouquier and Balázs Szendrõi

• Institution: University of Oxford

• Value: £1,831,169

Motivic invariants and categorification

Royal Society

Wolfson Research Merit Awards

All awards are valued between £10,000 and £30,000 per year

• Award winner: Andrew Mackenzie

• Institution: University of St Andrews

Creating, understanding and exploiting novel quantum order in oxides

• Award winner: A. William Rutherford

• Institution: Imperial College London

• Biological and artificial water photolysis

• Award winner: Guy Rutter

• Institution: Imperial College London

Dissecting the actions of T2D susceptibility genes on insulin secretion

• Award winner: Nina Wedell

• Institution: University of Exeter

Genomic conflict: sexual antagonism and selfish genetic elements

Leverhulme Trust

Research Project Grants

Basic sciences

• Award winner: Susan Crosthwaite

• Institution: University of Manchester

• Value: £146,683

New insights into the function of non-protein-coding antisense RNA

• Award winner: K. Anne-Isola Nekaris

• Institution: Oxford Brookes University

• Value: £201,403

The only poisonous primates: ecological context and function of slow loris venom

• Award winner: Jonathan Erichsen

• Institution: Cardiff University

• Value: £248,049

Magnetoreception in homing pigeons: a novel approach

• Award winner: Darren Croft

• Institution: University of Exeter

• Value: £143,814

The evolution of cooperation in structured animal societies

• Award winner: Stefan Howorka

• Institution: University College London

• Value: £113,001

Sizing forensic nucleotide repeat sequences with nanopores

• Award winner: Marco Marletta

• Institution: Cardiff University

• Value: £160,977

WIMCS/Leverhulme fellowships in dissipative and non-self-adjoint problems

Economics, business studies, industrial relations

• Award winner: Max-Stephan Schulze

• Institution: London School of Economics

• Value: £267,655

Integration and growth: capital and goods markets in 14th- to 18th-century Europe

• Award winner: Claudio Piga

• Institution: Loughborough University

• Value: £37,161

Price discrimination and competition: new evidence from European airlines



• Award winner: Paul Jeffreys et al

• Institution: University of Oxford

• Value: £1,200,000

Virtual infrastructure with database as a service

This groundbreaking project will provide a local virtual infrastructure (VI) that will interface with a national higher education VI - or "cloud" - to enable the sharing of services across the sector and save money through economies of scale. The VI will host a self-service "database as a service" (DaaS) system that will give researchers a way of creating, configuring, editing and querying databases through a simple, flexible and intuitive web interface. Its creation will help to improve the efficiency of UK research. User support materials, courses and documentation will be developed in close collaboration with the Digital Curation Centre.

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