Grant winners

January 31, 2008

Natural Environment Research Council

- Award winner: A. W. G. Pike

- Institution: University of Bristol, School of Arts

- Value: £101,841

Dating the Palaeolithic cave art of the Iberian peninsula by uranium series

- Award winner: C. Hillenbrand

- Institution: British Antarctic Survey

- Value: £60,988

Reliable dating of the postglacial ice retreat in West Antarctica by an integrated palaeomagnetic and radiocarbon approach

- Award winner: J. L. Carrivick

- Institution: University of Leeds

- Value: £74,591

Modelling rapid landscape change due to outburst floods

- Award winner: J. Kaiser

- Institution: University of East Anglia

- Value: £121,383

Isotopic signature of nitrate in the remote troposphere

Arts and Humanities Research Council

The AHRC has awarded £14 million to UK arts and humanities researchers in its latest round of funding for its standard research grants scheme. The funding is spread over 43 awards, and more than 250 applications were received. Winners include:

- Award winner: A. J. Bate

- Institution: University of Warwick

- Value: £281,030

Collaborative plays by Shakespeare and others

- Award winner: R. A. Bentley

- Institution: University of Durham

- Value: £87,041

Social diversity and the origins of complex society at Ban Non Wat

- Award winner: S. Bodman

- Institution: University of the West of England, Bristol

- Value: £114,377

In an arena including digital and traditional artists' publishing formats, what will be the canon for the artist's book in the 21st century?

- Award winner: C. Boyle

- Institution: King's College London

- Value: £765,439

Spanish, Spanish-American theatre in translation: virtual environment for research and practice

- Award winner: L. Bretherton

- Institution: King's College London

- Value: £165,783

Christianity, urban politics, pursuit of the common good through broad-based coalitions: the Citizens Organizing Foundation

- Award winner: C. Brown

- Institution: University of Leeds

- Value: £484,324

19th and early 20th-century annotated editions of string music: bibliographical problems, editorial content and implications for performance practice

- Award winner: J. A. Brown

- Institution: University of

St Andrews

- Value: £777,834

Intuitions and philosophical methodology

- Award winner: H. Buffery

- Institution: University of Birmingham

- Value: £165,902

Staging exile, migration and diaspora in Hispanic theatre and performance cultures

- Award winner: S. Cairns

- Institution: University of Edinburgh

- Value: £214,628

Cultures of legibility: emergent urban landscapes in South-East Asia

- Award winner: D. A. Carpenter

- Institution: King's College London

- Value: £624,736

Between Magna Carta and the parliamentary state: the fine rolls of King Henry III, 1248-12

- Award winner: C. A. M. Clarke

- Institution: University of Wales, Swansea

- Value: £123,116

Mapping medieval Chester: place and identity in an English borderland city c1200-1500

- Award winner: A. Craft

- Institution: University of Exeter

- Value: £164,335

Dance partners for creativity: investigating the co-development of creativity at the interface between dance and lower secondary level education

- Award winner: N. E. Cronk

- Institution: University of Oxford

- Value: £603,528

Essai sur les moeurs: oeuvres completes de Voltaire

- Award winner: R. Fawcett

- Institution: University of St Andrews

- Value: £86,754

Corpus of Scottish medieval parish churches

- Award winner: H. A. Footitt

- Institution: University of Reading

- Value: £495,733

Languages at war: policies and practices of language contacts in conflict

- Award winner: S. Frith

- Institution: University of Edinburgh

- Value: £308,213

The promotion of live music in the UK: an historical, cultural and institutional analysis

- Award winner: M. G. Fulford

- Institution: University of Reading

- Value: £433,803

Samian pottery of Roman Gaul

- Award winner: S. M. Galloway

- Institution: University of Glasgow

- Value: £140,604

The Scottish Arts Council 1967-2007: arts governance and national identity. An historical analysis of cultural policymaking.

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