Study in Slovenia

Small in size but big in in every other aspect, Slovenia lies in the heart of Europe where the Alps meet the Mediterranean. Much of the country is thickly forested and more than a third of the country’s area is protected.

Slovenia is one of the most biologically diversecountries in the world and is home to an incredible 24,000 animal species. Slovenia also has one of the largest brown bear populations in Europe.

Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital and largest city, has established transport connections and a large amount of industry and scientific and research institutions, ensuring that it attracts a large student population. Each year, over 10,000 cultural events take place in the city, including international theatre, music, and art festivals.

The University of Ljubljana is based in the capital and for almost half a century it remained the only university in Slovenia. In 1975, it was joined by the University of Maribor, while the University of Primorska and the University of Nova Gorica were created in 2003 and 2006 respectively.

Famous sons and daughters of Slovenia include Melania Trump, model and wife of Donald Trump, and professional skiers Tina Maze and Peter Prevc.