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Slovenia's second largest university, the University of Maribor, was established in 1975. The town of Maribor can be traced back to the 13th century, and is now the second largest city of Slovenia functioning as a cultural, business, and political hub. 

Moreover, Maribor has chosen to call itself ‘the University City’ showing off its awareness of the importance of education and research in its economic development.

The university is divided into 17 faculties, which include: agriculture, engineering, economics, education, law and medicine. Not all are based in Maribor - the university has outposts in other Slovenian cities. 

The university boasts facilities such as the Maribor University Library, student housing, the Computing Centre, the Leon Štukelj Sporting Centre, and Postgraduate and Visiting Faculty Home. 

Student dormitories are located at five separate locations: Gosposvetska, Tyrševa, Lent, Smetanova and Gorkega. Students studying music and art have separate rooms which are specifically designed for their specialised needs. Moreover, they offer free internet access, laundry rooms, sports facilities – including fitness centres, outdoor playing fields, gyms, table tennis rooms, and an indoor swimming pool –  study and multimedia rooms and facilities for extra-curricular activities.

The University of Maribor offers subsidised food, and a range of entertainment including annual dances, concerts, performances, festivals for both students and visitors.

Maribor itself also offers a rich and varied cultural experience to its inhabitants with its renowned Slovenian National Theatre Maribor featuring drama, opera and ballet performances, and a vast number of museums and galleries.

Notable alumni include Ljudmila Novak, a Slovenian politician and former Member of the European Parliament, József Györkös, a Slovenian politician and university professor, and the Slovenian politician Andreja Katič.

Key statistics

  • 13,956
    Number of Students
  • 16.5
    Student to Staff Ratio
  • 3%
    Percentage of International Students
Collected during World University Rankings on 28th Sep 2016

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Slomškov trg 15
2000 Maribor