The universities winning at summer on Instagram

Blossoms, green spaces and ducklings...just a few of the things that universities are sharing on Instagram as summer approaches

May 28 2018
Summeriest universities on Instagram

Blue skies, endless sunshine, pitchers of ice-cold drinks and barbecues...the final weeks of term after exams are finished and summer has arrived are probably some of the best times that students will experience at university. 

Summer is a time when you and your friends can take day trips around your university town, soak up the glorious weather and enjoy a well-earned rest before you head home for jobs/internships and start tackling next year’s reading list. 

As exam season draws to a close, universities have been sharing images of their campuses looking beautiful in the sunshine and we’ve collected some of those pictures for you to enjoy. 

1. University of Toronto, Canada

2. Berry College, United States

3. University of Tartu, Estonia

4. Tsinghua University, China

5. Trinity College Dublin, Republic of Ireland

6. Aarhus University, Denmark

7. University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

8. Newcastle University, UK


9. University of Nottingham, UK

10. University of California, Los Angeles, United States

UCLA - summery university

11. University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

12. University of Roehampton, UK


13. University of Reading, UK

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