Australian farmers

Leading higher education professionals heading for executive teams of Australian universities

Stressed admissions tutor

A national postgraduate admissions system would allow universities to improve planning, enhance student satisfaction and widen participation, says Michelle Morgan

Ghost town

UK universities face uncertainty over the impact of Brexit and the TEF, the future for tuition fees and a pensions deficit. Which institutions have the financial clout and diversified portfolios to survive? Simon Baker runs the numbers

Hands pulling rope, tug of war, teamwork

There is no ‘hard divide between academics and administrators’, writes Charles Knight in response to criticisms of academic university staff

Daniel Mitchell illustration (29 June 2017)

Academics who think they can do the work of professional staff better than professional staff themselves are not showing the kind of respect they expect from others

John McEnroe arguing with umpire. Tennis

Robert MacIntosh and Kevin O’Gorman explain how to negotiate your annual performance and development review

Newspaper printing press

Richard Garner explores the tactics that communications teams need in a changing media landscape


Top university administrators explain how to get the right person when hiring

Overall higher education staff headcount up 2 per cent, new data reveal

Man holding television in front of face in television shop

Keep it brief, tailor to the job requirements and do not mention your hobbies. Our panel of top university administrators offer some tips on how to write a top-notch CV

Elly Walton illustration (5 January 2017)

From respect and metrics to mistakes and biscuits, management scholar John Hendry offers advice

American football

China's university sports body hopes to convince parents and students that play teaches valuable life lessons

Binary data (illustration)

A more tech-savvy approach to student recruitment could save institutions more than just time, says Marguerite Dennis

People on Supertree suspension bridge, Garden by the Bay, Singapore

Holistic admissions offer a level of fairness that traditional academic criteria alone cannot provide, and it is a new approach in Singapore, writes Kristen Lynas

Recruiter browsing photos of potential candidates

Headhunters are far from lazy and harmful, says Kim Frost, who uses them all the time

Woman making plaster puppet

Levels of nepotism in scientific publishing have been revealed by report

Superhero costumes hanging on a washing line

Senior management do not recognise support staff’s pivotal role in achieving positive student outcomes, administrators say

Female nurse comforts young woman in hospital corridor

Supervisors explain how to help students keep their research on track

Teamwork to stay balanced

Departments urged to consider their team's skills mix rather than just individual qualities


Don’t follow fashion when deciding how best to raise cash – consider all the options, says Marc Finer