Academic publishing

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Publisher pulls articles from academic website in China at request of communist government agency

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Extent of freely accessible literature could ‘tip scales’ for libraries to cancel subscription packages, says study

predatory journals

Universities, funders, rankers and individual academics all need to act to stamp out predatory publishers, says Roger Watson

Jeffrey Beall, associate professor and librarian at the University of Colorado Denver

Creator of controversial predatory journals blacklist says some peers are failing to warn of dangers of disreputable publishers

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The publication game that researchers are obliged to play has stripped the purpose out of social research. Time to change the rules, says Yiannis Gabriel

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Neurobiologist questions whether academia has reached ‘peak sting’ in its battle with predatory journals

Thumbs down

German institutions and the publishing giant have still failed to agree a new deal. Could this become permanent?

Carrot on stick

Without more research funding, senior Indonesian academics are unlikely to be able to meet new government-imposed publication standards, says Martin Surya Mulyadi

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It is not Luddism to be cautious about destroying an academic publishing industry that has served us well, says Marilyn Deegan

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Early career academics can be left to sink or swim when navigating the choppy waters of learning scholarly writing. Helen Sword says a more formal, communal approach can help everyone, especially women

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For those vacationing in Peer Review Land, Felipe Fernández-Armesto offers some help with the local lingo

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Some of Germany's most prestigious institutions are increasing pressure on the publisher to strike a new deal

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Stanford professor says $15 million lawsuit victory will not engender sympathy for publishing giant

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Academics and journal editors call for creation of national registries of research integrity officers

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Arts and humanities titles now average just 60 retail sales, report says


Jeffrey Beall says he faced 'intense pressure' from the University of Colorado Denver and feared losing his job

Hong Kong

Vice-president says universities must convince researchers that journal articles are not the only way to disseminate knowledge

Black Lives Matter protest in Washington DC

Editors of The Journal of Political Philosophy apologise for 'oversight' in commissioning of 60-page symposium

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Study outlines how publishers’ guidelines led to adoption of positive research practices

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Report urges academy to ‘embrace’ opportunities for wider research dissemination