Academic publishing

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Witnessing the work of military surgical teams in Afghanistan caused conflicting emotions in an academic author and a sense of the futility of war and of his own profession

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System rewards academics whose work is used in teaching – but at potential bureaucracy cost

Time going by
Female-authored papers up to three times more readable but published half a year later
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Summarising your journal paper effectively helps to ensure that it reaches the right audience
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Most academics are keen to access other researchers’ material but a third are yet to share their own

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Analysis of more than 700,000 biomedical texts reveals growing use of jargon

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Issuing press releases without allowing access to the original research criticised by UK politicians

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Code of conduct frames non-publication of unexpected results as an issue of research integrity

Academic journals

Analysis of co-authored journal papers details partnerships beyond EU

Plug being pulled

Advocates argue that universities should be prepared to ditch subscriptions altogether

Crocodile, predator, predatory

Larissa Shamseer and David Moher have taken a close look at what it is that sets dodgy journals apart from the rest

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Initiative will emulate Wellcome Trust’s publishing model, with European Commission set to follow

Eugene Garfield

Founder of the Institute for Scientific Information passes away suddenly

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But professor says Trump presidency might now provide ‘incentive’ for junior scholars to ask ‘important questions’

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Neuroscientists argue proposal would improve reproducibility and get drugs to market more quickly

Switch turned on

Publisher takes decision despite still having no deal agreed with German universities

E learning

Scholars and publishers assess some bold responses to the pressures on traditional formats

Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United, points to his watch

Editors of journals should face ‘negligence’ investigations over extensive delays, suggests a new paper

Ministry hopes to increase quality of doctorates

An Indian rickshaw puller transports discarded plastic bottles in Allahabad

Poor monitoring in ‘second-tier’ institutions is also part of the problem, research indicates