Academic publishing

Billy Hunter responds as publishers seek the removal of millions of papers from ResearchGate

Car removed by a crane

Academic social network accused of infringing copyright on a massive scale

Door knocker

Publisher argues European countries could move to subscription-free approach without international consensus

Man grabbing papers

Publishing is part of the academic game, says Mike Smith, so you’d better get good at it 

Editing typewriter

Is your resolution for the new academic year to publish more? Here, 16 scholars give advice on pitching, editing and writing – and dealing with negative peer reviews

Person writing letter with metal quill

Adam Szetela has been speaking to some high profile scholars about how to write well, and this is what he found out

Chinese censorship protester

Publishers should consult with journal editors over censorship requests, says China Quarterly committee member

Annexation of the territory of the King of Ado

Half of Third World Quarterly editorial board resign in protest over ‘case for colonialism’ essay

Exchanging money

Publishers prepared to add names to journal articles for a price, study finds

Woman wrapped in EU flag

Europe’s funding councils oppose idea of requiring researchers to obtain a licence if they want to quote their colleagues or news articles

Man reading Wikipedia page on desktop computer (PC)

Publisher argues Topics platform will provide ‘breadth, depth and currency of knowledge’, and remove the need to leave its website

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Op-ed on statues of eugenicists and researchers who denied rights to non-white people branded ‘disastrous’

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No tax inspector or police officer can claim rights over what they write for their jobs, so why should academics, asks Gabriel Egan


Research reveals majority of authors publishing in illegitimate journals come from wealthy countries

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The solutions to the predatory publishing problem are known, we just need to implement them, say Larissa Shamseer and David Moher

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Loans between libraries, and research sharing between colleagues, could allow country to sever links, negotiators claim

Examining teeth

Less than 10 per cent of tweets on journal articles represent genuine engagement with content, finds study

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Metric on self-referencing could provide ‘truer’ citation data, say researchers

Bad peer review

Paper was rejected by journal because it had appeared on website of education centre

Arrows shot into archery target bullseye

All research papers should be openly available by 2024, says Norwegian government