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Restrictions on bibliometric data create ‘two-tiered’ research system, say campaigners

Giant books

Publisher and research community remain divided over question of access to international publications

Piling up money

New data show UK moving rapidly towards open-access model – but subscription costs jump 20 per cent in three years

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Holly Else reveals the results of a THE poll seeking to uncover the extent of authorship abuses as well as views on what criteria should generate credit

Writing on a big card

Two-thirds of researchers have been slighted by seniors on authorship issues, THE poll reveals

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In the rivalry to make the next scientific breakthrough, collaboration is key. But the UK’s post-Brexit course only undermines its competitive standing

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AAS Open Research offers immediate online publication and transparent, post-publication peer review

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Critics warn new 'Manuscript Writer' program may be too good to be true, since automated content could run the risk of plagiarism

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Books, like journals, reach far more people when they are published open access, shows report

Big books

Professor finds 86 English-language journals on the sector and lists the 28 ‘most reputable’

Middle East

Six out of 10 among 278 anonymous respondents admit to at least one incident of misconduct


Academic social network has moved 'at least 1.7 million articles' to make them less easily accessible, publishers say

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ScholarlyHub will help academics keep control of their work and data, creators argue

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Researchers blame ‘old boy’ networks and evolutionary history for male tendency to stick together

China communism

Details emerge of another academic publisher blocking access to sensitive journal articles

Man's hand holding 'I quit' resignation note

High price of journals 'placing strain on acceptance' of division of labour between researchers and publishers, says professor


Junior researchers being ‘held back’ by the ordering of names on joint papers, study finds

Mick Marston illustration (26 October 2017)

Accreditation of research methods should be a mandatory requirement for publication in journals, says Peter Thompson

Crowdsurfing in a bubble

Subscription models and self-publishing present ways for scholars to bring their work to the public

Billy Hunter responds as publishers seek the removal of millions of papers from ResearchGate