Academic publishing

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Academics and journal editors call for creation of national registries of research integrity officers

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Arts and humanities titles now average just 60 retail sales, report says


Jeffrey Beall says he faced 'intense pressure' from the University of Colorado Denver and feared losing his job

Hong Kong

Vice-president says universities must convince researchers that journal articles are not the only way to disseminate knowledge

Black Lives Matter protest in Washington DC

Editors of The Journal of Political Philosophy apologise for 'oversight' in commissioning of 60-page symposium

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Study outlines how publishers’ guidelines led to adoption of positive research practices

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Report urges academy to ‘embrace’ opportunities for wider research dissemination

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Learned societies used to be seen as the guardians of academic prestige. They should act on that moral authority and reclaim their oversight of peer review, says Aileen Fyfe

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Objections to co-authorship with juniors display a misguided sense of ethics, say Mark Hayter and Roger Watson

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Taylor and Francis move to replace editor and withdraw his paper threatens ‘scientific integrity’, critics claim

Open access

Analysis of scholarly publishing’s ‘Napster’ shows that academics are not prepared to wait to access research

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Technologist argues that artificial intelligence could make publishing decisions in milliseconds

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Negotiators fail to reach a deal with Oxford University Press over transition to open access

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Witnessing the work of military surgical teams in Afghanistan caused conflicting emotions in an academic author and a sense of the futility of war and of his own profession

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System rewards academics whose work is used in teaching – but at potential bureaucracy cost

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Female-authored papers up to three times more readable but published half a year later
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Summarising your journal paper effectively helps to ensure that it reaches the right audience
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Most academics are keen to access other researchers’ material but a third are yet to share their own

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Analysis of more than 700,000 biomedical texts reveals growing use of jargon

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Issuing press releases without allowing access to the original research criticised by UK politicians