November 9, 2001


University of Kent at Canterbury
Alan Beck
, School of Drama, Film and Visual Arts, has been made the first ever BBC Radio Research Fellow. He will uniquely be the BBC's dramaturge, producing critical work to accompany radio drama production.

University of Greenwich
Jonathan Morris
, director of finance, current vice principal (resources) at Hastings College of Arts and Technology;
John Linton , former regional director for Landell Mills consultancy, commercial director at the Natural Resources Institute;
Rob Allen , former dean the Avery Hill Faculty, director of learning and quality.

Writtle College
Alan Titchmarsh
, gardener, author of gardening books and radio/tv presenter, will take on the role of Patron of the college for three years.


University of the West of England
Gillian Thomas
is to be awarded the Honorary Degree of Master of Science in recognition of her substantial contribution to the advancement of public understanding of science, and in particular, to the creation of At-Bristol.


University of Leicester
Dr D. G. Lambert , £37,305 from British Journal of Anaesthesia (studies on the desensitisation of the recombinant VRI receptor - PhD Studentship);
Dr C. Bagshaw , £160,839 from Wellcome Trust, (dynamics of actomyosin motors);
Dr D. M. Heery , £52,626 from Cancer Research Campaign (structure/function analysis of the leukemogenic fusion protein MOZ-TIF2 and the wild type MOZ protein (Year 1);
Dr A. Munro , R. Lawson (student), £13,200 from Roche (Case Studentship - characterisation of a novel pathway for vitamin biosynthesis);
Prof G. C. K. Roberts , Drs M. Carr and M. Pfuhl , £1,682,654 from Wellcome Trust/HEFCE (JIF Award: protein structure dynamics and interactions:  800 MHz NMR Spectroscopy);
Dr A. E. Willis , £168,876 from BBSRC (investigation and characterisation of MRNA's that are translated by cap-independent mechanisms by CDNA microarray);
Dr M. Carr , £5,678 from Veterinary Laboratories Agency (NMR-based structural studies of the M. Bovis Protein mpb70);
Prof R. H. Smith , £6,000 from English Nature (routes of exposure of vertebrate predators to pesticides);
Dr R. Challiss , Prof S. Nahorski , £20,550 from Glaxosmithkline (Studentship - regulation of Group I metabotropic glutamate receptor signalling in neurones and glial cells);
Dr G. B. Willars , £169,740 from BBSRC (specificity of RGS protein recruitment by activated G-protein-coupled receptors) and £20,550 from Smithkline Beecham (Case Studentship - activation and regulation of intracellular signaling by the neuromedin U receptors NmU-R1 and NmU-R2);
Dr A. P. Abbott , £121,168 from EPSRC (chromium electroplating using ionic liquids);
Dr P. W. Dyer , £13,200 from Avecia plc (novel polymeric supports for high performance immobilised catalysts and reagents - Student - Toby B Reeve);
Dr R. J. Green , £60,244 from EPSRC (peptide interactions with model lipid membranes)
Prof A. R. Hillman , £1,026 from The Royal Society (travel to conference grant);
Dr E. Raven , £13,110 (supp) from Wellcome Trust (supplement - redox regulation, catalytic mechanism and active site structure in human undoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase).
Dr G. Solan , £77,695 from Exxon Mobil (Studentship - Agreement No: AG2001M033 "blending polyolefins with late transition metal double-site catalysts");
Dr J. R. Woodward , £60,311 from EPSRC (study of magnetic field effects on radical reactions in solution using nanosecond time resolved infrared spectroscopy);
Prof W. Charemza , £13,284 from CEC via GOPA-Cartermill (Phare ACE Scholarship 1998 - D. Hristova);
Dr R. Watling , £8,000 from St. Columb's Park House (education for citizenship: external evaluation);
Dr R. Watling and Mr C. Comber , £10,000 from Department for Education and Skills (citizenship and ITT on the Internet (CITTI);
Dr R. Watling , Prof A. Osler , £71,151 from department for International Development (global citizenship resource Project);
Prof L. A. Dissado , £2,000 from Dr A. Haidar (investigation of dielectric materials);
Dr S. Ablett , £342,378 (supp) UKCCSG (Supplement - Unreported Costs Since 1998 - Computer Officer);
Prof K. Abrams , £80,030 from NHS Trent (HSR Fellowship:- Mr R. Riley - evaluation of the use of tumour markers in cancer services);
Mrs E. Draper , Mr B. Manktelow , £17,500 from NHS Trent (neonatal intensive care review for the Trent Region);
Prof C. Jagger , £13,394 from CEC via INSERM (setting up a coherent set of health expectancies in the EU) and £11,250 from Alzheimer's Foundation (forecasting the prevalence of Alzheimer's Disease in the UK (Phase 1);
Dr J. Kurinczuk , £479,520 from Department of Health/NHS R&D (National Public Health Career Scientist Award - towards the (revention of fetal, infant and childhood disease);
Drs M. Dixon-Woods ,  B. Young and D. Heney, £3,250 from University Hospitals of Leicester (information needs of children with cancer and their parents: a study in partnership);
Dr R. K. McKinley , £500 from General Practitioners in Asthma Group (spirometry in primary care);
Dr R. H. Borts , £7,285from Wellcome Trust (Supplement - molecular and genetic analysis of the functions of MutL Homologues in yeast - Prize Studentship Ms E R Hoffman);
Prof R. C. Trembath , £204,867 from British Heart Foundation (the molecular basis of familial partial lipodystrophy);
Dr M. A. Lovell , £85,192 from NERC (geophysical methodologies for the characterisation of gas hydrate core);
Dr G. Quilley , £5,000 from Arts & Humanities Research Board (The Illuminated Calvino);
Prof H. Scarbrough , £20,705 from Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (evaluating human capital);
Prof S. C. Koenig , £600 from London Mathematical Society (Visiting Fellowship for Dr Mazorchuck); Dr M. Marletta , £694 from London Mathematical Society (Leicester-Loughborough Spectral Day);
Dr N. Snashall , Prof S. Koenig , Dr J. Hunton , Value Reported in October Bulletin Supplement (algebra an topology workshop);
Dr L. L. Ng , £66,677 from British Heart Foundation (mechanisms of activation of leucocyte NADPH oxidase in pre-eclampsia);
Prof A. J. Wardlaw , £132,664 from National Asthma Campaign (mechanisms of T lymphocyte recruitment to the lung in asthma);
Prof M. Barer , £116,413 from BBSRC (expression and release of toxin and converting phages in shiga-toxin-producing eschericia coli (STEC);
Prof W. D. Grant , Dr S. Heaphy , £70,000 from Genencor (Supplement - Environmental Gene Screening);
Prof K. Nicholson , £18,000 from Chiron S.p.A. (evaluate study of FLUAD influenza vaccine or AGGRIPAL S1 influenza vaccine);
Mr F. Al-Azzawi , £100,000 from Institute of Women's Health (fixed-term lectureship in molecular endocrinology);
Prof J. Pasi , Mr. A. Evans , value Reported in October Bulletin Supplement (pre-clinical assessment of the potential for rVIIa as a universal haemostatic agent in a model of haemodilution and traum);
Dr C. Binns , £161,670 CEC via FORTH, Greece (AMMARE - new nanoscale materials for advance magnetic storage devices (EC FP5);
Dr A. N. Brunton , Prof G. Fraser , £77,900 from PPARC (development of large area silicon nitride detector windows);
Dr A. Holland , £171,656 from PPARC (radiation hardening of MAT CCDs for space use);
Prof C. Norris , £16,000(supp) from Department of Trade & Industry/Office of Science & Technology (Supplement - Diamond Synchrotron Project - Interim Scientific Directorship);
Dr I. C. Harris , £1,000 from University of Southampton (grant on Edmund Burke);
Dr J. Milton , £16,713(supp) from Central Nottinghamshire Healthcare (supplement - Rampton Referrals Cohort Follow-Up Project);
Prof P. Vostanis , £2,000 from Leicestershire & Rutland NHS Trust (assessment of need for transitional services:  professionals perspectives);
Dr R. Palmer , Value Reported in October Bulletin Supplement (eating disorders: cognitive processes and treatments);
Profs A. Wardlaw and P. Burton , £65,417 from PPP Healthcare Medical Trust Leicester component (total grant value £4,662) (The Genetic Epidemiology of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease);
Drs I. Pavord and S. Birring , £25,400 from British Lung Foundation (the immunopathology of idiopathic chronic cough);
Dr C. Fuller , £61,570 from English Rugby Football Union (an injury audit amongst English premier league rugby clubs);
Mr J. Garland , Mr N. Chakraborti , £14,137 from Suffolk County Council (rural racism in Suffolk);
Prof M. Gill , £26,815 from ASDA Stores Ltd (study to determine the impact of CCTV in monitored and umonitored stores);
Professor M. Gill , Mr N. Chakraborti , £6,609 from Dixons Stores Group (offender perspective project);
Prof M. Galinanes , £5,000 from Link-Up (Equipment Grant)
Prof M. Galinanes , A. Sosnowski , £95,000 from Sorin (regression of myocardial hypertrophy)
Mr M. J. McCarthy , Mr M. Thompson , Dr J. Thompson , Value Reported in October Bulletin Supplement (a prospective, double-blind, randomised trial to assess the efficacy of continuous sciatic/posterior tibial nerve blockade via a neural sheath catheter in lower limb amputees);
Messrs T. J. Spyt and G. Doukas , Prof N. Samani , Drs P. Stafford and D. Chin , £115,476 from British Heart Foundation (use of pulmonary vein isolation by radiofrequency ablation to reduce atrial fibrillation after mitral valve surgery - a randomised prospective assessment).


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