Grant winners

November 4, 2010


Research Seminars Competition

Funding has been awarded to 41 groups under the ESRC's Research Seminars Competition for 2009-10. The scheme aims to bring together researchers from across disciplines to identify new research agendas or capacity-building priorities. Seminar-group members consist of academic researchers, postgraduate students and non-academic users across varying institutions, who meet regularly to exchange information and ideas with the aim of advancing research within their fields. The remaining winners will be published next week.

Award winner: A.M. Carvajal

Institution: University of Warwick

Value: £18,000

Games and economic behaviour study group

Award winner: C. Milligan

Institution: Lancaster University

Value: £14,998

Opportunities, challenges and tensions: linking the ageing and disability rights agendas

Award winner: R.A. Maitland

Institution: University of Westminster

Value: £12,785

Net-Star: network of social tourism and regeneration

Award winner: J.T. Quinn

Institution: London Metropolitan University

Value: £11,684

New perspectives on education and culture

Award winner: S. Goyal

Institution: University of Cambridge

Value: £17,788

Seminars on networks

Award winner: G.P. Brown

Institution: University of Leicester

Value: £17,570

Sustainability transitions: rethinking everyday practices, identities and livelihoods

Award winner: L. Brace

Institution: University of Leicester

Value: £15,310

The politics of victimhood

Award winner: J. Calvert

Institution: University of Edinburgh

Value: £17,868

Synthetic biology and the social sciences

Award winner: C.A. Holland

Institution: The Open University

Value: £14,007

Older people and technological inclusion: multidisciplinary perspectives on contemporary realities and aspirations

Award winner: J.M.F. Bimrose

Institution: University of Warwick

Value: £18,000

Reframing service delivery, professional practices and professional identities in UK careers work

Award winner: D.R. Lain

Institution: University of Brighton

Value: £17,490

Rethinking retirement

Award winner: K. McAuliffe

Institution: University of Exeter

Value: £16,046

Developmental social neuroscience, ethics and the law: challenges to legal perspectives in the UK and Europe

Award winner: N. Britten

Institution: University of Exeter

Value: £16,503

Knowledge spaces and public social science

Award winner: G. Smyth

Institution: University of Strathclyde

Value: £18,000

Diverse teachers for diverse learners: research and perspectives

Award winner: S. Kilminster

Institution: University of Leeds

Value: £14,723

New levels of professional responsibility: exploring workplace pedagogies in transition

Award winner: M.R. Priestley

Institution: University of Stirling

Value: £9,494

Curriculum for the 21st century: theory, policy and practice

Award winner: O. McNamara

Institution: University of Manchester

Value: £17,779

Workplace learning in teacher education

Award winner: G. Cousin

Institution: University of Wolverhampton

Value: £16,268

Global citizenship as a graduate attribute


Award winner: Sarah Ogilvie

Institution: University of Cambridge

Value: £17,968

Endangered languages and dictionaries: collaboration between academics, indigenous communities and NGOs

Trends indicating that more than half of the world's 6,800 languages will become extinct in the next 100 years have led to growing concern among linguists, anthropologists and language communities. Many of these languages may disappear without being adequately recorded. This seminar group will discuss issues relating to technology, revitalisation and collaboration in the making of dictionaries of endangered languages. By providing the opportunity for faculty and graduate students across linguistics, social anthropology, education and sociology to meet with indigenous communities and non-governmental organisations, the project aims to build capacity and identify new research opportunities in language documentation.

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