Grant Winners

July 29, 2010



The Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellows for 2010 have each been provided with £250,000 in funding over a four-year period. This substantial financial support will allow these 18 newly qualified postdoctoral researchers to pursue research in key areas in the field of biomedicine.

Award winner: Oliver Bannard

Institution: University of Oxford

The regulation of B-cell responses during malaria infections

Award winner: Ross Chapman

Institution: Cancer Research UK London Research Institute

Defining the role of BRCA1 and associated proteins in suppressing 53BP1-dependent toxic DNA repair

Award winner: Samuel Dean

Institution: University of Oxford

The trypanosome flagellar pocket - functions and adaptations in differentiation, pathogenicity and immune evasion

Award winner: Helge Dorfmueller

Institution: University of Dundee

Mechanism and inhibition of chitin synthesis

Award winner: Daniel Fazakerley

Institution: University of Dundee

Use of proteomics and systems biology to dissect the molecular adaptability of metabolism in muscle and fat cells

Award winner: Demis Hassabis

Institution: University College London

Understanding the episodic memory system and its critical role in future thinking

Award winner: Nerea Irigoyen

Institution: University of Cambridge

Ribosomal frame-shifting and read-through in virus gene expression

Award winner: Benjamin Judkewitz

Institution: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Optofluidic microscopy for portable low-cost malaria diagnostics

Award winner: Line Loken

Institution: University of Oxford

Feelings of pain and pleasure: delineating hedonic sensation in the brain

Award winner: Andrew MacAskill

Institution: University College London

Spine-specific targeting of ion channels in striatal neurons

Award winner: John Perry

Institution: University of Exeter

Identifying low-frequency and rare genetic variation involved in Type 2 diabetes using next-generation sequencing data

Award winner: Sridharan Rajagopalan

Institution: University of Oxford

Proteases as next-generation therapeutics for Influenza A

Award winner: Oliver Ratmann

Institution: Imperial College London

Unravelling the dynamics of rapidly evolving infectious diseases in humans with approximate Bayesian computations

Award winner: Anthony Roberts

Institution: University of Leeds

Mechanisms regulating movement and force generation by cytoplasmic dynein

Award winner: Aleksandra Watson

Institution: University of Cambridge

The structural basis of the interactions of the NuRD co-repressor complex

Award winner: Elton Zeqiraj

Institution: University of Dundee

A structural and biochemical approach to understanding the molecular mechanism of glycogen synthesis

Award winner: Kaixin Zhou

Institution: University of Dundee

Heritability and pharmacogenetics in patients with Type 2 diabetes


Award winner: Molly Crockett

Institution: University College London

Value: £250,000

Automatic and analytical altruism: neurobiological foundations of human prosocial behaviour

The Wellcome Trust funding for this project will allow Ms Crockett to explore the extent to which human beings' altruistic inclinations are innate, the result of habit or calculated. Conducting her research at the University of Zurich and the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at UCL, she will use the latest tools in neuroscience to investigate people's preferences for fairness and equality in society. "I will use the Fellowship to work in laboratories worldwide to learn different approaches to questions about human behaviour, from economics to neuroscience. It will give me an unprecedented amount of independence at this stage in my career and will be important for creating an identity for myself as a scientist," Ms Crockett said.

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