Grant winners

February 25, 2010


The ERC's second Advanced Grants Awards, each worth up to EUR3.5 million (£3.1 million), are provided to established researchers. UK-based winners in the life sciences are listed below: others will be published in the coming weeks.

Award winner: David Attwell

Institution: University College London

Brain energy supply and the consequences of its failure

Award winner: Wendy Bickmore

Institution: Medical Research Council

Determining the roles of the nuclear periphery in mammalian genome function

Award winner: Christine Britch

Institution: Newcastle University

Development of high-throughput in vivo oncogenomic screening strategies in acute leukaemia

Award winner: Alistair Brown

Institution: University of Aberdeen

Spatial and temporal regulation of the fungus-host interaction during life-threatening fungal infections

Award winner: Timothy Coulson

Institution: Imperial College London

Linking ecological and evolutionary dynamics in theory, in the lab and in the field

Award winner: John Diffley

Institution: Cancer Research UK

The initiation of eukaryotic DNA replication: mechanism, regulation and role in genome stability

Award winner: Jeff Errington

Institution: Newcastle University

Origins, proliferation and pathogenesis of L-form (cell wall-deficient) bacteria

Award winner: Michael Hausser

Institution: University College London

Cellular and circuit determinants of dendritic computation

Award winner: Alasdair Houston

Institution: University of Bristol

The evolution of mechanisms that control behaviour

Award winner: Irene Leigh

Institution: University of Dundee

Tissue engineering to evaluate novel treatments for skin cancer and genetic disease

Award winner: Anne Magurran

Institution: University of St Andrews

Biological diversity in an inconstant world: temporal turnover in modified ecosystems

Award winner: Alfonso Martinez Arias

Institution: University of Cambridge

Molecular origin and function of dynamic heterogeneities in mouse ES cells and pre-implantation embryos

Award winner: Josephine Pemberton

Institution: University of Edinburgh

Wild evolutionary genomics

Award winner: Adrian Podoleanu

Institution: University of Kent

Combined time domain and spectral domain coherence gating for imaging and biosensing

Award winner: Christopher Ponting

Institution: Medical Research Council

Derived and ancestral RNAs: comparative genomics and evolution of ncRNAs

Award winner: Benjamin Sheldon

Institution: University of Oxford

Evolutionary social ecology in wild populations

Award winner: Tim Spector

Institution: King's College London

The role of epigenetic factors in the aetiology of common complex diseases using twins


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Award winner: George Thompson

Institution: University of Manchester

Value: £5.7 million

Light alloys towards environmentally sustainable transport second generation

This project aims to reduce the environmental impact of transport by seeking to improve the design of high-performance light alloys. Professor Thompson and his team of eight multidisciplinary academics will investigate methods of forming complex components and engineering surfaces for low environmental impact.

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