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Man walking past paz graffiti in Colombia

Peace dividends: what will the end of conflict mean for Colombia's universities?

Fusion of industry and university

Fused together: the pros and cons of big industrial tie-ups

Green man by airport noticeboard

Flight plan: where will the scholars fleeing Trump and Brexit touch down?

Verstehen sign

Verstehen? The decline of modern languages and how to fix it

Illustration of four teachers sharing opinions for the THE Teaching Survey 2017

Times Higher Education’s Teaching Survey 2017: results and analysis

Times Higher Education app cover (9 February 2017)

Urban developments: can the research power of US universities transform local communities?

Bonds of international students

Global matrix: the world's most international universities

Hand dripping binary

Mea culpa: research mistakes – would you confess?

Donald Trump

Stars and gripes: what will President Trump mean for US academia?

Mountain goats

Guide or step aside? How academics behave when their offspring go to university