Digital Editions

Hand dripping binary

Mea culpa: research mistakes – would you confess?

Donald Trump

Stars and gripes: what will President Trump mean for US academia?

Mountain goats

Guide or step aside? How academics behave when their offspring go to university 

Illustration of medieval figures wearing VR headsets

Seeing things: does virtual reality offer new perspectives for teaching?

Times Higher Education digital edition (22 December 2016)

A Campus Christmas Carol, by John Sutherland

Historical figure with face covered in paint

Remembrance of unpleasant things past: what to do with campus memorials to controversial historical figures?

Retired academics calculating moves while playing bowls

Academic afterlives: are scholars the retiring kind?

Times Higher Education digital edition (1 December 2016)

Research and reckoning: The Hillsborough disaster and one academic’s decades-long fight to uncover the truth

Times Higher Education digital edition: 24 November 2016

Charging ahead: Introducing the TACTICS – seven nations with the potential to outstrip the BRICS in higher education

Times Higher Education digital edition (17 November 2016)

Disunited States of America: What President Trump means for higher education