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Couple looking at man smiling through open porthole

Just you and me – and the university: Scholars and their partners describe what it’s like to live with an academic

Times Higher Education digital edition (13 October 2016)

America's top universities: WSJ/THE College Rankings highlight how the US research elite struggle to engage their students

Times Higher Education digital edition (6 October 2016)

Notes on a small island: Can Mauritius fulfil its ambition of creating an international knowledge hub?

Seven essential tips for surviving the new academic year

Magnificent seven: Survival skills for the new academic year

Times Higher Education digital edition (22 September 2016)

World University Rankings: Caltech cedes top spot in 2016-2017 rankings as Asia’s rise continues

A man standing in the snow looking at the Northern Lights

Glimmering lights: Nordic higher education – is a glowing reputation at risk?

Laboratory beaker with face and suprised expression

Don’t sweat it: Tips on running a research lab

Mountain climber carrying safety mattress bearing Swiss flag

A precarious path: What can the UK learn from Switzerland as it faces life outside the EU?

Times Higher Education digital edition (25 August 2016)

The libertines: The campus sexual revolution – rosy retrospection and reality

Times Higher Education digital edition (18 August 2016)

Up, up and away: Fees survey – will post-Brexit costs see EU students take flight?

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University of Oxford students walking on campus

University of Oxford snatches top spot from Caltech in this year’s World University Rankings as Asia’s rise continues

Home secretary says government will support 'best' universities

Man handing microphone to audience member

Academic attainment of disadvantaged students can be improved if they can decide how they are assessed, study claims

Italy's gold medallist

New measures to ensure universities are ‘not penalised’ for taking poorer students also outlined for next stage of TEF

Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir meeting over coffee

Claims for genius require more than repeated assertion to make the case, says Martin Cohen