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Women dancing on a beach while others watch

Making the leap: how to be a senior manager

Illustration of a man climbing a ladder made out of a snake’s body

Fragile footholds: scholars worldwide feel precarity’s bite

26 July 2018 issue cover

Free tuition for all! Has New Zealand bitten off more than it can chew?

Times Higher Education 19 July 2018 digital edition cover

Too close for comfort? Where the academy meets Silicon Valley

Latin America Rankings cover 2018

Latin America and the Caribbean face some economic clouds, but the region’s universities continue their drive to increase quality while serving their nations’ needs, as our expanded rankings shows

A rack of test tubes

Teaching to the test tube: is research essential to allow lecturing to bloom?

Times Higher Education 28 June 2018 digital edition cover

When 2s become 1s: has grade inflation gone global?

Asia-Pacific University Rankings 2018 cover

The countries and universities of the Asia-Pacific are devoting their resources to higher education innovations and collaborations in the region. These rankings show where the efforts are paying dividends