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Entry levelling: Which admissions methods are fairest?

THE cover 3 January 2019 issue

Strong-arm tactics: Are generous donations to universities compromising academic freedom?

THE cover image 20/27 December 2018

The shortest day: Scholars tell their winter’s tales


Part of the furniture: Should older academics step aside for their younger colleagues?

THE cover 6 December 2018 780x520

Judge and jury: how to be a good peer reviewer

Times Higher Education issue cover 29 November 2018

Blue-sky thinking: The ideas that could transform the academy

Times Higher Education issue cover 22 November 2018

Unravelling? Declines in funding and students threaten Japanese universities

THE cover 15 November 2018 issue

Open all hours: the 24/7 academy

THE cover 8 November 2018 780x520

The weight of opinion: do professionals or academics make the best journal editors?


Russia aims to scale the heights – but how near is the 5-100 Project to bearing fruit?