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Young University Rankings 2018 methodology artwork

Challenging centuries-old institutions takes boldness and ambition, qualities that abound among the names in our expanded ranking of the best young universities making waves worldwide

Times Higher Education cover 7 June 2018

Marking time: How to keep your head above the tide of red ink

31 may 2018 digital edition cover

Leading lights: are universities products or drivers of economic growth?

Reputation Rankings

The best universities are expected not only to excel at teaching and research but also to uphold high ideals

Issue cover 24 May 2018

Revolution’s reverberations: How the spirit of ’68 affected academia worldwide, then and now

times higher education 17 may 2018 digital edition cover

Reframing the past: historical behaviour and curricula reconsidered through a #MeToo filter

times higher education 10 may 2018 digital edition cover

Girlzone: why are boys underachieving across all stages of education?

Emerging Economies supplement cover 2018

We have expanded our rankings to give a more comprehensive picture of the vitality and diversity of institutions to be found across the world’s emerging economies

times higher education 3 may 2018 digital edition cover

Steep ascent: can Mexico reverse its higher education brain drain and build its knowledge economy?

Europe split across Berlin wall

Continental catch-up: can the EU13’s universities close the research gap with western Europe?