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Emerging Economies supplement cover 2018

We have expanded our rankings to give a more comprehensive picture of the vitality and diversity of institutions to be found across the world’s emerging economies

times higher education 3 may 2018 digital edition cover

Steep ascent: can Mexico reverse its higher education brain drain and build its knowledge economy?

Europe split across Berlin wall

Continental catch-up: can the EU13’s universities close the research gap with western Europe?

An academic seen in a James Bond-style pose

The name’s Bond…Dr Bond: spying and the academy

Times Higher Education digital edition 12 April 2018 (illustration of an axe)

Striking a blow: How the pension dispute exposed the fractures in trust between academics and their leaders

Times Higher Education app cover (5 April 2018)

Storm warning: Will debt strike down universities?

Times Higher Education app cover (29 March 2018)

All that glitters: Do elite Japanese institutions offer quality teaching or simply trade on reputation?

Times Higher Education app cover (22 March 2018)

Explosive material: The personal, political and commercial minefield of research on digital footprints

Sister act: does academic sisterhood exist – and could it redress male advantage?

Times Higher Education app cover (8 March 2018)

Pop goes the academy: if universities save our souls, how do you explain the Kardashians?