Study in Estonia

From the stunning medieval architecture in the capital city of Talinn to the white sandy beaches that are dotted along the coastline, there is something in Estonia for everyone to enjoy. The largest of the Baltic states, Estonia is made up of 13 counties and more than 2,000 islands and inlets. It has, however, one of the smallest populations in Europe.

Estonia’s safety record and low living costs are two of the reasons why it is becoming a gradually more popular nation in which to study, and the University of Tartu, found in Estonia second largest city, is the country’s oldest university and home to around 13,400 students. The capital city is home to the Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia’s only technology specialist university and a popular choice for overseas students.

Having only regained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, Estonia has thrived under independent rule and has one of the fastest growing economies in the EU. Today the country boasts a tech-savvy population thanks to Estonia’s "e-society", the nation’s digital infrastructure that pioneers e-government systems, electronic ID cards, e-schools, and e-health. Famous sons and daughters of Estonia include writer Anton Hansen Tammsaare, supermodel Carmen Kass and composer Arvo Pärt.

Top universities in Estonia

University of Tartu301–350th
Tallinn University of Technology601–800th
*University's current rank in the overall World University Rankings

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Statistics about Estonia

  • Expenditure on education out of total expenditure 14.26%
  • Of which, on higher education 26.23%
  • Enrollment rate in higher education 69.55%
  • Population 1,316,481
  • Unemployment 6.91%
  • Annual GDP 1.57%
Data source: The World Bank