Being an estranged student

Experiencing university as an estranged student

Going through university as an estranged student can be difficult if there is very little support, writes blogger Chloe Fallon

King's College London

Campus v city universities

Having studied at both a campus and a city university, PhD candidate Geoff Mills compares the pros and cons of both

The impact of design graduates

The impact design graduates can make in the banking sector

You would expect creative agencies to look for design graduates, but have you considered other sectors such as banking? 

Trading America for Australia: figuring out how to not fail

Slow and steady wins the race when to comes to exams and studying, says Acacia in her latest blog post from Australia

Hitting multiple ping pong balls

Required reading: ‘Everybody knows someone who has broken’

It seems that the number one thing that students are concerned about is the pressure to achieve it all

How to overcome a bad PhD research day

PhD diary: Having a bad day

There's procrastination but then there is just sheer lack of motivation in your research. Charlie explains how having one of these days is all part and parcel of the PhD process 

Brits in America: the benefits of the liberal arts

Brits in America: why the liberal arts works for indecisiveness

UK blogger Bonnie MacRae explains why the US university system is perfect for indecisive people such as her 

Brits in America - prominent speakers

Brits in America: 'Look it's Bernie Sanders!'

This month, Raphaëlle speaks about the inspirational speakers and lecturers she encounters while studying at Harvard University