Graduate employability: top universities in Australia ranked by employers

Australian universities producing the most employable graduates have been ranked by companies around the world in the Global University Employability Ranking 2017

November 16 2017
Monash University

In total, five Australian universities appear in the Global University Employability Ranking 2017, designed by HR consultancy Emerging and published exclusively by Times Higher Education. The ranking reveals which universities recruiters at top companies think are the best at preparing students for the workplace.

Australian National University came out as the top university for graduate employability in Australia followed by the University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne

The five universities are located across a range of locations including Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. 

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Top three universities in Australia for graduate employability  

1. Australian National University

The Australian National University provides drop in chats for students to visit a career consultant three times a week. 

The university also has the ANU CareerHub which is described as a "online career development and employability tool". 

The CareerHub provides students with a jobs noticeboard and booking careers resources and services appointments. Careers fairs are also hosted regularly to give students the chance to meet employers within careers areas that they are interested in. 

2. University of Sydney

The University of Sydney provides dedicated careers fairs for some subject areas such as law careers fairs, engineering and IT careers fairs and investment banking and careers fairs. There is also a start up careers fair for those students who are interested in setting up their own business after graduation. 

The current Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull is an alumnus of the University of Sydney as well as five other past prime ministers. 

The university is also affiliated with five Nobel laureates, 24 justices of the High Court and 24 Rhodes Scholars.

3. University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne has a mentoring programme which brings students together with alumni mentors, who can guide them through the career decision making process. The programme runs twice a year. 

There are careers resources for students, split into faculties, to help students find the most targeted careers advice for them. Students are also able to take self-assessment tests which will help them determine which career path is most suited to them. 

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Top universities in Australia for graduate employability 2017

Global Employability Rank 2017 Australia Rank 2017 University
21 1 Australian National University
48 2 University of Sydney
50 3 University of Melbourne
57 4 Monash University
61 5 University of New South Wales

See the full results of the Global University Employability Ranking 2017

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