Graduate employability: top universities in Australia ranked by employers

The best universities in Australia for graduate employability have been chosen by local recruiters.

November 16 2016
Monash University

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Recruiters in Australia have chosen the universities they think are the best at preparing students for the workplace.

Monash University in Melbourne received the highest number of votes from local employers, followed closely by the University of New South Wales.

Specialised schools of business and management also appear on the list of 26 different institutions across the country, in addition to universities which teach a broader range of courses.

The global employability ranking, in its sixth year, is designed by human resources consultancy Emerging with employment research group Trendence. It is published exclusively by Times Higher Education.

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The top three universities in Australia for graduate employability:  

Monash University

The university, based in Melbourne, is particularly well-known for its commercial partnerships. These relationships with industry players enable students to get first-hand experience that is relevant to future careers, and also translates the university’s research into commercially successful products.

Examples of success stories include the bionic eye – custom-designed headgear for patients with vision impairments – and an app to manage and track symptoms of digestion problems.

In addition to impressing employers, Monash University can also boast a significant number of alumni working as CEOs of the world’s 500 largest companies.

University of New South Wales

Faculties at the University of New South Wales have set up Faculty Advisory Councils, where leaders in business, government and associations help to shape the programmes at the university and develop crucial partnerships between academics and industry.

The university received $10.5 million in grants to pursue industry relationships in 2014, helping to establish the strong links with businesses.

In the past 15 years, more graduates of the university have become technology entrepreneurs than any other university in the country.

Deakin University

Like many universities, Deakin University explicitly aims to make a positive difference in Australia and beyond, through supporting their students and creating successful graduates.

In addition to offering a broad range of courses and using flexible and open-minded teaching methods, the university also directs the education to be relevant to various industries.

The campuses are all at the cutting edge of technological developments, and all students are trained in eight key skills for the workplace: digital literacy, communication skills, critical thinking, problem solving, discipline knowledge, self-management, teamwork and global citizenship.

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Top universities in Australia for graduate employability

Country rank



Monash University


University of New South Wales


Deakin University


University of Melbourne


University of Sydney


Australian National University


Macquarie University


RMIT University


UNSW Business School


University of Queensland


La Trobe University


Griffith University


James Cook University


Flinders University


Bond University


Macquarie Graduate School of Management


Melbourne Business School


University of Western Sydney


University of South Australia


University of Western Australia


University of Newcastle


University of Tasmania


Murdoch University


University of New England


University of Wollongong


Mt Eliza Executive Education

See the full results of the Global University Employability Ranking 2016

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