Helping students into ‘tougher’ universities means that they are statistically more likely to drop out, says Huw Owen

women dressed the same

Research finds undergraduates ‘self-sort’ by gender and ethnicity for group work

Student debt concept

Sally Hunt says new London Economics analysis of loan repayments has exposed the lie that student funding is progressive

US dollars

Research reveals that salary and graduation rate information does not influence high school pupils

student debt sign

London Economics shows how less well-off graduates will repay more than higher-earning peers

Jo Johnson arrives at 10 Downing Street, London, England

Minister also warns Labour plan to abolish fees would mean ‘Reservoir Dogs ending’ for universities 

Anti-tuition fees demonstrators at Westminster

But polling also finds balance of public opinion is against Labour policy and tuition fees rated low among voting priorities

Checking exam results

New analysis of Hesa data shows that at least a quarter of students get a first at a third of UK universities

Week in HE illustration (20 July 2017)

The good, the bad and the offbeat: the academy through the lens of the world’s media

lost tourist map reading

A quarter of international students believe bronze award signals poor teaching, Hobsons survey finds

ethnic student leaving

Higher proportion of black students in London may contribute to capital’s higher dropout rates, says SMF

Mascot mocking baseball player

Academics with negative attitudes to teaching surveys more likely to score poorly on ratings site, study finds

Tourist taking selfie at Eilean Donan Castle

Even in an unpredictable world, there are clues about the future of student movement, says Anna Esaki-Smith 

Google, googling, search engine, search

Survey of university admissions staff paints an unflattering picture of today’s students, finds Jeremy Lewis

Romeo and Juliet

Should we be talking about Ofcoll and the ‘degree experience framework’? Diana Beech thinks so

parachute with union jack flag

King’s College London and TU Dresden ‘Transcampus’ aims to strengthen ties between UK and Germany 

Man confronted by ladders

Calls among graduates to limit student numbers are not selfish, but may instead reflect concern about the value of university education, say Duncan Watson and Robert Webb

Smiling young woman wearing comedy sunglasses

Gill Seyfang - who is presenting at the Higher Education Academy's annual conference - explains how improv comedy in lectures can inspire students

Pile of British currency notes (pounds)

Threshold freeze bites while poorest graduate ‘with largest debts’ of £57,000 on average, researchers warn

Lecture, boring, lecturer, students

Unrealistic expectations of would-be students revealed by major survey