Rugby team huddle

Harper Adams tops our annual poll as Cambridge and other top 10 mainstays slide down

Cannons on a ship

Setting pre-seen exams can bring out previously unsuspected abilities among students, say Nicholas Morton and Natasha Hodgson

Matthew Brazier illustration (23 March 2017)

While learning to work quickly is a useful life skill, a greater gift to students is permitting unhurried excursions and digressions, says Shahidha Bari

People with red heart balloons outside the Louvre

Survey reveals Paris is the most popular location among prospective recruits

Judge and gavel

Academics say students' concerns reflect tense environment on racial issues

Lecture, boring, lecturer, students

If the outcomes of ‘active learning’ are so much better than those for traditional lectures, why stick with the old format? asks Simone Buitendijk

Muslim man being confronted

Call to consider faith diversity alongside issues of gender and ethnicity

Man shouting into megaphone

The Excellence Initiative in Germany and the UK’s TEF may bring only bad news for universities’ reputations, says David Matthews

Building a bridge

Universities should consider building ‘families’ of schools and colleges to facilitate easy transfer between different levels of education, says David Phoenix

Woman interacting with robot

Presidents agree on need to respond but are warned against being ‘slaves to industry’

Student loan

Current loan system in US puts high repayment burdens on low-earning graduates, says paper

Statue of Socrates, Athens

Economic crisis drives increase in students lingering in higher education

Hesa data show non-continuation rate for disadvantaged students is rising faster

apprenticeship Airbus trainee workers

But UUK calls for universities to be given more support over working courses

Michael Parkin illustration (9 March 2017)

Cramming study into the shortest possible time will impoverish the student experience and drive an even greater wedge between research-enabled permanent staff and the growing underclass of flexible teaching staff, says Tom Cutterham

East Asia, Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia

Charlotte Evans on East Asia’s growing significance as a hub for international higher education

Exam cheating

Giving students who use essay mills a criminal record would impose a punishment that ill fits the crime, writes Daniel Sokol

Japanese lanterns

New table will focus on teaching and learning as well as student success

A man jumps into a river to catch ducks during a duck-catching competition, China

Some academics and students may choose to move to China over the US, says leading scholar

woman at departures board

Report shows majority of international mobility went through EU scheme