Cube letters show the words No Racism

There is little sector-wide motivation to address the attainment gap between white and BME students, says Min Rodriguez

University of Guelph
Universities under pressure to show value and demand for master’s and PhDs
Birmingham Color run 2016. Young people with selfie sticks

Universities will need to abandon present ‘constipated’ models and follow Uber’s lead to appeal to prospective students

man with frozen beard, Lake Louise, Canada

Australia also makes gains in list of most attractive English-speaking nations as US slips

University of Oxford
David Lammy 'concerned' at universities approach to issue
Colourful world map
Number of first-year students from India, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria all down
Rock climbers

New book finds that although most nations want university open to all, gaps between talk and action can be wide

Gargoyle on building

Those who are not happy all the time can ‘rise to challenges’, researchers suggest

A Chinese magazine with a cover story that translates to "Why did Trump win" is seen with a front cover portrait of Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s election could prompt shifts in the world’s international student flows, some believe

Vietnamese farmer

UN plan to eradicate gender inequality misses larger problem of low access rates linked to poverty, University of Cambridge experts warn

Shadows of graduates at liberal arts college US

Liberal arts colleges have lower levels of racial and socio-economic diversity among students, according to data collected by Times Higher Education

Final-year Edinburgh student is first Scottish undergraduate to win such an award and could be first in the UK 

Dark clouds

Education committee hears University of Oxford’s head of Brexit strategy call for ‘openness’

Hand holding growing pile of money (economic growth)

Research shows that international student enrolment has risen as US state university funding has declined

Young people walk in rundown neighbourhood

Study finds that universities must ‘proactively engage’ with all students to ensure equity in learning 

Tuition fee hike

NUS calls on ministers to restructure higher education funding overall rather than uncap fees for accelerated courses

Man photocopying a book

Phil Newton looks at the case for making essay-writing services illegal

Punting in the rain

Student mental health may be on the agenda, but some argue that support is uncoordinated and insufficient to meet rising demand

Gender neutral

University of Kansas libraries create badges to help staff and students feel more welcome

Woman pretends to be a scarecrow

Universities should be providing students with the skills to understand and handle media manipulation, say academics behind a new study