China flag, chinese

Marguerite Dennis explains how university student recruiters should plan for enrolling Chinese students

Close-up of club sandwich

David Matthews reports from Canada on a model that gives students up to two years in work placements

One way street road sign, United Kingdom

Canadian academic argues people should get access to free higher education in return for their contribution to society

 The week in higher education cartoon (26 May 2016)

The good, the bad and the offbeat: the academy through the lens of the world’s media

Swimmers in artificial wave pool, Suining, Sichuan province, China

David Matthews considers a flurry of ‘threats’ to the conveyor belt of arrivals and what Western campuses can do to shockproof their systems

Construction crew dismantle a building, Shanghai, China

Allegations of ‘inappropriate influence’ emerge on survey that will be key TEF metric

Diversity on campus

Pomona College academics vote for guidelines that ask tenure candidates to be ‘attentive to diversity in the student body’

Hand holding AIDS ribbon

Country's oldest institution places restrictions on undergraduates spending the night together on campus

Faces in a crowd

Misty Bentz is the inventor of ‘Phynd the Physicist’, a game designed to open dialogue among students about inclusion

European Union (EU) flag missing star (Brexit)

Poll finds widespread support for UK's membership of EU, but also confusion about when the poll is, and how to register for it


Tanja Jovanovic has overcome prejudice and harassment to realise her educational ambitions

Eleanor Shakespeare illustration 19 May 2016

Tim Blackman’s vision of higher education for the 21st century is one in which students of varying abilities learn successfully together

Universities should take responsibility for the betterment of society, says Michael Crow

A boat of Chinese students sinking

Research from the University of Warwick reveals a mismatch between the aspirations and final destinations of Chinese students at UK universities

Man standing out from crowd.

Four out of five UK higher education institutions report increase in students seeking support

Choosing a smart phone

Matthew Hartley ponders how prestigious (and pricey) colleges can justify their course costs

Children playing on UK council housing development

Hepi calls for action on sector’s gender gap to tackle male ‘underachievement’

James Fryer illustration (12 May 2016)

Mechanisms for dealing robustly with assaults must be put in place without delay, argues Matthew Wyard

Tsinghua University students riding bicycles on campus

New book explores the anxieties of Peking and Tsinghua students caught between their parents, the Communist Party and new Western ideas about education

Entrance gateway at University of Cambridge

Start-up firm Spires plans rapid expansion across UK universities, and says it could help social mobility – but others see private tutoring as harming access

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