Student loan debt concept. Woman with heavy box

John Cater considers the long-term impact of the loans the Class of 2012 is now starting to repay

Woman tearing up I can't sign

Schools and universities are increasingly looking at how improving personalities can boost social mobility. But in doing so, they may be forced to choose between teaching what is helpful, and what is true, says David Matthews

Flying hot-air balloon shaped as car, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

There’s a tension between Germany’s desire to be in the global elite of higher education while remaining egalitarian. John Morgan reports

Car covered in heavy baggage

Sutton Trust report warns that finding is ‘cause for concern’

African musicians playing instruments

But the vice-chancellor of the University of Ghana says academics must still 'push' for recognition

The week in higher education cartoon (28 April 2016)

The good, the bad and the offbeat: the academy through the lens of the world's media

Tree-lined road stretching to horizon

Well-targeted mental health support can help students stay on track in an uncapped sector, says David Laws

A keyboard with a 'donate' key

Richard Budd mulls the logic of giving money to your alma mater

Stressed university student

Study by the Complete University Guide shows that the effectiveness of institutions in resolving complaints varies widely

Crowd of people clapping and cheering

Is the National Union of Students too concerned with discrimination and political correctness or is it right to ignore its critics, asks Jack Grove

Malia Bouattia, National Union of Students (NUS), speaking to crowd

Vice-president Sorana Vieru says the NUS is ready for further criticism after Prevent critic Malia Bouattia was voted in as president

Young woman seated in front of laptop computer

Paper finds that UK sandwich course students ‘outshine’ their overseas counterparts in the final year of university


Rima Amin considers the challenges for students’ union officers in the light of the NUS vote to boycott the National Student Survey

Sana Mustafa, Syrian student

A recipient of the Institute of International Education’s Syrian scholarship fund describes her experience at a US university

An apprentice with a caliper

Hepi report calls for levy to extend to employer-sponsored degrees, or firms will likely pull out of funding such courses

Hayley Warnham illustration (21 April 2016)

Investing in the education of millions of young people can help defuse a security time bomb, argue Faisal Abbas and Abdur Rehman Cheema

Dissing dons down the ages: a century of pejoratives

What insults have people used to disparage intellectuals over the past century?

Malia Bouattia is the new president of the National Union of Students

High-profile critic of Prevent has attracted criticism from Jewish student societies over her comments on Israel-Palestine conflict

Oxford bikes

An idea formed in a Dublin bar could help Oxford in its ambition to act with greater ‘agility and generosity’, says principal of Lady Margaret Hall

Shop signs on street in South Korea

Sung-Mo Kang says the university has increased its support to international staff and students but it is still difficult to recruit from overseas