Students leaving library

Amount of time spent learning in and out of class declines, HEA survey says

Chinese pride

Interviews with students and graduates in China ‘raise serious doubts’ about role of higher education in achieving cohesion

University of Westminster music academic on fighting with punks, boosting Peter Andre’s career and pioneering ‘classical reggae’


A single, comprehensive policy and funding infrastructure for UK tertiary education would empower learners and encourage innovation, say Paul Woodgates and Mike Boxall

Dan Mitchell illustration (19 November 2017)

PhD failure can have disastrous consequences for overseas students bonded to their funders, says Andrew George

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Would-be medical students should scrutinise schools' marketing
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Academic warns universities need to take impact of accent on credibility seriously as it has ‘demotivated’ overseas lecturers

Black Oxford student

‘The country wants systemic change’, says Labour MP, predicting possible Commons inquiry on access

Referee punched in boxing match

Office for Students’ Nicola Dandridge urges sector to help shape new powers, to avoid ‘unintended consequences’

White water rafting

Universities cite concerns around US’ social and political climate in IIE study

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If members of a jury can understand ‘beyond reasonable doubt’, then so too can university panels, says Daniel Sokol

Study abroad

UUK International wants every UK university to join its ‘Go International’ campaign, but institutions find it hard to get students to participate in overseas schemes, says Rachael Pells

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Vice-chancellors must make a sustained commitment to cultural change to ensure that violence, harassment and hate crime on campus are things of the past, writes Janet Beer

Anti-neo-Nazi protesters

Georgetown project shows that it’s not just students but also the ‘grown-ups’ in society who are struggling to find right balance, says director

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Universities grew income from apprenticeships, traineeships and adult education budget to £32m last year

Jacinda Ardern

Australian students in NZ may not benefit from Labour's fees-free policy

Florida State University

University president says students must create ‘a new culture’ at the institution 

Carol S. Dweck

The psychology professor on students’ mindsets, nine-day weeks and thinking in the bath 

David Humphries illustration (9 November 2017)

US scholars' tendency to award extra credit for attending non-core lectures hastens the academy's slide into transactionalism, says Robert Zaretsky 

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Research is paid for by legerdemain, and we should be honest about it if we want to correct funding imbalances and treat students fairly