European Union (EU) flags flying

European Union students enrolling next year will pay the same fees as UK students

University application approved

‘Overwhelming’ evidence that initiatives targeted at disadvantaged groups increase access

Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

John Morgan looks at reports PM may ‘soften’ stance on students and net migration figures 

An illustration of three dodos in a classroom

With overcrowded lecture theatres the norm in undergraduate education today, online delivery has entirely replaced lectures and seminars in some institutions. So where to in the coming decade? Warren Bebbington outlines a survival strategy for the increasingly unaffordable traditional university

Illustration of man reading book falling on to group of people. Trust

Serious novels promote the trust and people skills that societies need. They should be required reading for all degrees, says Peter Taylor-Gooby

Person in Frankenstein costume

Academics shine light on contemporary research themes in classic book

Auckland, New Zealand

Universities New Zealand highlights university entry gap between ethnic groups

Welcome mat

UUK poll ahead of key Commons vote finds only 26 per cent see students ‘as immigrants’

A face made of numbers looks over a university campus

From personalising tuition to performance management, the use of data is increasingly driving how institutions operate

Australian police car

All higher education institutions agree to make figures from nationwide survey publicly available

People walking past Jockey Club Innovation Tower, Hong Kong, China. Part of Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Hong Kong Polytechnic University initiative goes against trend towards shorter programmes

Daniel Mitchell illustration (6 April 2017)

Recognising the dominant role of intelligence in academic performance is key to ending the underperformance of poor and minority students, says Richard J. Haier

Man with a flower for a head

As the THE Young University Rankings 2017 highlight rising stars, Jack Grove looks at six institutions – recently launched or still in the planning stages – built on bold notions and innovative approaches

Broken lightbulb

New institutions across the world believe that they can compete with big-name universities that are stuck in the past, explains Jack Grove

James Fryer illustration (30 March 2017)

The suicide of a student on campus made Steven A. Miller realise that his students didn’t need a philosophy class to remind them of their impending deaths 

Automation has the potential to replace or alter 35 million jobs worldwide, which means universities must adapt to survive, argues Nancy Gleason


Union calls for universities to remove barriers to peaceful protest

careers book

Study finds classes can improve students’ chances of getting a graduate job by 40 per cent

Rugby team huddle

Harper Adams tops our annual poll as Cambridge and other top 10 mainstays slide down

Cannons on a ship

Setting pre-seen exams can bring out previously unsuspected abilities among students, say Nicholas Morton and Natasha Hodgson