The week in higher education cartoon (29 September 2016)

The good, the bad and the offbeat: the academy through the lens of the world’s media

Eleanor Shakespeare illustration (29 September 2016)

Bruce Macfarlane on the hypocrisy of academics who help to monitor students in ways they themselves never were

Student mother working with baby

The challenges of being a parent while studying must not be overlooked, says Helen Owton 

Association of American Universities president also says state of US public universities is like battle to save species from extinction

Student demonstrators holding 'Debtors class of 2031' sign

But a federal income-contingent system is called for in a book co-authored by Brookings Institution fellow

Nicholas Dirks at the THE World Academic Summit

Nicholas Dirks tells THE summit that free tuition would enable government to 'control' public research universities 

Hand behind sheet

Results come as issue continues to be high up agenda on campuses in the UK and US

Labour placard

Opposition spokesman on higher education also says government tactics on EU students are 'grubby'

Loan pot cut by two thirds, claims Rafizi Ramli of People’s Justice Party 

Cube letters show the words No Racism

Flurry prompts discussion over whether such incidents are more common, or a symptom of social media explosion

University lecture hall packed full of students

But others say shifting the problem back to students would simply be the ‘easy way out’ instead of prioritising HE in state budgets

Long rows of jam-filled biscuits

Government review of admissions followed media assertions that misleading entry tariffs are ‘rife’

estates facilities

Annual study from UK estates group shows academic performance has dropped in importance for prospective students

Engineers on building site checking plans

Royal Academy of Engineering report reveals which countries are proving most effective in training up engineers to drive economic growth

Seated woman looking at empty chair

Hepi report says some universities should increase their funding for mental health services at least threefold

The week in higher education cartoon (22 September 2016)

The good, the bad and the offbeat: the academy through the lens of the world’s media

Students sitting in circle outside on lawn

Small colleges perform well in Times Higher Education US student survey, which will fuel upcoming university ranking for the country

Woman standing with her children, Hong Kong

Anna Esaki-Smith writes on the many challenges facing her as she prepares her class for the IELTS exam

LGBT rainbow flag hanging outside university building

President of the Australian Human Rights Commission says number of attacks on campus is 'seriously under-reported'

Shoppers in mainland China

Students report hostility from traders and clashes over whether Hong Kong is part of China in new study

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