Student stress

Universities are right to reexamine the support in place for students in light of soaring suicide rates, says health secretary Jeremy Hunt

Widening participation

The loss of Supporting Professionalism in Admissions would be bad news for students, says Les Ebdon

Student and invigilator in exam room

We need to call off the witch-hunt and trust in the capacity of our students to learn, says Bruce Macfarlane

Man sleeping in a car

Lack of student accommodation means new arrivals are often having to return home, warns student union

Freedom of speech is not the same as accepting ‘petulant’ professors’ views, says Kerrie Thornhill

School pupils

If universities want to get more disadvantaged students into university, they need to help them access the support their better-off peers take for granted, argues James Grant

Global collaboration

The capital’s universities must use increased tuition fee revenue to improve access for disadvantaged students, says Tony Halmos

Legislative Assembly of Ontario

But critics claim that French students are already well served in the province

Jo Johnson, minister

Minister outlines plans for TEF and new regulator to tackle problem

Election billboard for CDU party in Germany

University leaders frustrated by lack of clarity on higher education in party manifestos

Falling pound

Andrew Adonis’s account of how Labour could fund universities if tuition fees were abolished lacks credibility, says David Willetts

Windows on a building

Despite putting more money into improving access, the top universities still struggle, finds Emilie Sundorph

Protest figures of Trump, Le Pen, Wilders and Hitler

Latest evidence overseas students are being put off US universities by political situation

Illustration Sausage illustration (31 August 2017)

The difficulty of introducing student feedback in Papua New Guinea casts light on more general problems, says John Warren

Varied levels of English language proficiency among students could hamper learning

Student withdrawing money from ATM

Costs for students rising at triple the rate of inflation, triggering calls for rental caps

Camera through a fence

Head of NYU Abu Dhabi says that undergraduates must be taught skills to create ‘a world of common understanding’

March against racism

The battle is not over for universities, but this week’s figures on international students are vindication for an embattled HE sector, says Sir Keith Burnett 

Singapore Skyline

Singaporeans are starting to question the benefit of recruiting so much global research talent, say Pang Eng Fong and Linda Lim

Britain's Home Secretary, Amber Rudd

Announcement comes as new exit check data expected to show low numbers of student ‘overstayers’