Students arrive at airport

ONS figures will raise fears of further drop in non-EU student enrolment

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Democratic nominee's policy leaves 'broken' system intact, experts fear

Elly Walton illustration (25 August 2016)

Treating students as consumers has precipitated a rush to the bottom to give them exactly what they want, says John Warren

Young female student reading and studying in library

Jack Grove learns how sites have been reinvented for the 24/7 digital age, while Donald Brown reflects on the role libraries played in his journey from the Mississippi Delta to Oxford

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Walking supervision sessions around Birmingham and pub-based academic chats have won praise from PhD candidates

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Senior management do not recognise support staff’s pivotal role in achieving positive student outcomes, administrators say

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Maxine Joselow, for Inside Higher Ed, looks at two colleges that are going for tiny living in terms of student accommodation 

Arriving immigrants being directed on harbour side

New book makes the case for academics to be far more open to the perspectives of others

Cannons on display on HMS Victory, Portsmouth, Hampshire

Group of Eight also warns of ‘policy drift’ and ‘risk to a major export industry’

Busker's guitar case collecting money for university fees

The University of Exeter has confirmed that fees will go up with inflation for current students, and Sorana Vieru is not impressed

Sir Steve Smith portrait

Sir Steve Smith says it would be ‘odd’ to charge some Exeter cohorts less than others

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Despite many advances, online programmes suffer from technical faults and a dispiriting lack of interaction, as two scholars found

British pound (GBP) symbol balloon being popped

Post-Brexit, will EU students still see English HE as value for money, and what are the pros and cons of charging them international fees?

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V-c says overseas students feel UK is ‘diminished country’ post-referendum

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Results of NUS survey appear to reflect university leavers’ experience in job market

Residential apartments in Hong Kong

Compared with 20 years ago, young graduates face a much greater struggle buying flats, which some fear could stall social mobility

South Africa flag

As institutions battle crippling deficits, there are hard and volatile times ahead, writes Martin Hall 

Black pharmacy student

Bugewa Apampa becomes one of just 18 black women with UK professorships

Advert placed by students at Pitzer College leads to national discussion on racial mixes in accommodation 

Detective inspects floor

UK should introduce ‘much tighter regulations’ on private colleges, say CGHE researchers