Research ethics

Ivan Timofeenko, Newton Park, Mirror Box

Drug company hopes to provide a new home for studies that try to replicate previous experimental results

Contact sheet of black and white photos

Two famous experiments have reached the silver screen. Antonio Melechi on the relationship between the academic discipline and Hollywood

Woman holding handful of cash (black and white)

Center for Open Science hopes initiative will make results more reproducible

Exhausted marathon runner sitting by Coca-Cola branded vehicle

Warning comes after stories about Coca-Cola’s spending on science hit the headlines last year

Research lab

Peer Reviewers’ Openness Initiative billed as a ‘grassroots’ response to concerns over reproducibility

Aged medical journals on shelf

Analysis of seven prominent medical journals finds randomised controlled trials are far less likely to receive a press release than weaker observational studies

Plos Biology launches new section looking at how experiments are run and incentive systems for scientists

Baron Stern of Brentford

Baron Stern of Brentford has previously raised concerns that the research excellence framework forces academics to focus too much on publishing articles

Scales of justice on courtroom table

Prosecutors accuse academics of colluding with publishers to boost their standing and sell more books

Elly Walton illustration (10 December 2015)

Too many senior scholars abuse their power when it comes to assigning credit, argues Bruce Macfarlane

Scientist holding wafer with 667 'Eyescreens', Dresden, 2007

Senior figures in UK science fear that culture leading to research misconduct has not been changed

Helga Nowotny

Author of new book The Cunning of Uncertainty fears pressure for scientific certainty is leading researchers to make promises they cannot deliver

Glasses lying on top of a journal

The measure of scholarly impact is now being manipulated so much that it has ceased to be meaningful, editorial claims

John Sexton, New York University (NYU)

Outgoing New York University president John Sexton dismisses concerns over academic freedom at his institution’s Abu Dhabi campus

Oivind Hovland/Corbis illustration (29 October 2015)

How valid are fears that financial conflicts of interest are damaging confidence in academic research?

Demonstrators march on the White House in Washington, D.C., to protest Israel's offensive in Gaza, August 2, 2014

Researchers from 72 institutions say they will not visit Israeli higher education institutions, act as referees, or participate in conferences

Money collapsing

A new paper finds that more than half of economic studies are unreproducible. But there could be even deeper issues with the discipline, says David Matthews

Man trespassing on private land

Cases underscore concerns about use of younger researchers’ work by senior colleagues without permission

Trader reacts to DAX index board, Frankfurt stock exchange

Fears that discipline is particularly susceptible to statistical ‘hacking’ of data to gain a positive result

Reports question whether scientists are removing sources of bias in experiments involving animals