Research ethics

Vaccine trial

Southern Illinois University under investigation for medical school researcher’s involvement with controversial herpes vaccine trial

Writing on a big card

Two-thirds of researchers have been slighted by seniors on authorship issues, THE poll reveals

Middle East

Six out of 10 among 278 anonymous respondents admit to at least one incident of misconduct

Advancing capabilities of stem cells could mean researchers run into legal difficulties once more, European academies warn

Empty conference

Why do smart scholars fall for dodgy conferences, asks Jack Grove

Elvis impersonator

UK researcher who travelled to predatory conference in Denmark calls for greater awareness of problem

Holding a prize cup

New metric measures how reliable scientific claims turn out to be – but calculating it could be an enormous task


Omissions make it harder to find data, report says

gabriel oprea vice prime minister romania

Investigative journalist Emilia Sercan defied threats to uncover high-level ring of fraudulent PhDs


Scholar returning to homeland from US to lead university speaks of his concerns

Chinese tourists catch money

Analysis reveals extent of reward system for international publications, which could be distorting scientific incentives

Map of Pakistan

Top academic claims universities have created 'factories' for junk science papers because of misguided funding system

Trust exercise

Task force established by government to explore UK open-data landscape calls for greater efforts to ensure data quality 

Woman grieving at funeral with coffin

Academics investigating militarism and war must explore their own assumptions as well as those of their societies, event hears

Man in a filing cabinet

Academics and journal editors call for creation of national registries of research integrity officers

Australian dollars

Government taking reports ‘extremely seriously’ and seeking ‘additional briefing’


Changing academic environment prompts rethink of globally influential employment support guidelines 

pile of handcuffs

Conference hears conflicting views on how to stamp out fraud in research

woman smoking

Stephan Lewandowsky warns that academics can ‘lose control’ of their data and see it used as ‘political propaganda’

science research

South African minister says many collaborations amount to little more than ‘visits’