Research ethics

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Infamous cases of misconduct such as that of Paolo Macchiarini are just the extremes on a long spectrum of dubious research practices, say Nick Butler, Helen Delaney and Sverre Spoelstra

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There is no simple answer to the ethical dilemmas, political manoeuvrings and relationship challenges involved in gaining access to organisations for research, says Ann Cunliffe

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If lab misconduct is linked to personality traits, there is a case for assessing these when hiring scientists, say researchers

Cracked photograph of man's back during torture/interrogation

Antonio Melechi examines how enhanced interrogation techniques came to be introduced at War on Terror ‘black sites’

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New research also finds that the statistical power of studies in social and behavioural science has not improved in half a century

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Environmental organisation praises UK sector for climate efforts but calls for universities to do more

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Jeremy Berg warns scientists are straying into policy commentator roles

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Debate about research on animals fails to tackle all the issues, says Gail Davies

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The Home Office has also released data showing experiments on animals across the country have broadly flatlined since 2013

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Academia is no stranger to plagiarism controversies – but US politics is. Mark Ridolfo assesses the case of Melania Trump and Michelle Obama 

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A survey suggests research misconduct in the UK is higher than previously feared. Joanna Williams and five other academics ponder the results

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Dutch push to tackle fraud and ‘reproducibility crisis’ follows high-profile misconduct cases in the country

Pressure to publish can lead to unethical behaviour, writes Athene Donald

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Research Integrity and Peer Review will look at every stage of the scientific process, and could even change its own review system depending on what it finds

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Scientific misconduct increasingly studied as example of ‘occupational crime’, researcher says

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Interviewees on dating app who wanted to be ‘used for academic purposes’ highlight the difficulties of using new technology for research

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Tim Birkhead warns of the ‘end of science’ unless academics push back against threats to creativity and integrity

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Scholars in the UK and Australia contemptuous of impact statements and often exaggerate them, study suggests

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Jisc Digifest hears openness could bring benefits, but some cite plagiarism risks

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Reflecting on the plight of the early career scholar prompts Xenia Schmalz to draw up a research manifesto

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