Research ethics

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Majority of academics publishing in journals with lax peer review are from Asia, study concludes

Inspired by previous movement in 1960s, PhD students say that ‘science is not neutral’ and urge scientists to confront their assumptions

David Barrowclough tricked Heritage Lottery Fund by applying for money for fake projects

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Studies on urine, pain thresholds and unboiled eggs honoured in annual awards for improbable research. John Elmes takes a look

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Australian advocates of alternative treatments lobby Canberra for more state funding for research

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Did a huge research replication exercise do a power of good? ask Wolfgang Stroebe and Miles Hewstone

MIT nobel winner advice good will hunting

10 must-dos for postdocs identified by Catherine L Drennan, professor of chemistry and biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Region’s universities must build a type of institution distinctive from those in the West, scholar argues

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Paul Jump examines the many reasons for irreproducibility in science and efforts to tackle it

But master of Birkbeck has accepted that there were ‘procedural matters’ in his lab that ‘required attention’

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Names, addresses and sensitive information discovered in unlocked filing cabinet at University of Bedfordshire

Castellers de Vilafranca form human tower, Tarragona, Spain

The rise in ‘kilo-authors’ and ‘gift authorship’ is causing the academy to rethink how it assesses the worth of academic publications

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Training needs to recognise US and overseas students’ different approaches to decision-making, study concludes

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The eminent sociologist is entitled to draw on his long lifetime of thought, but should probably be clearer about the extent to which he is doing so, says Paul Jump

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Six academics share their experiences before delivering a verdict on the system

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Amid concerns about the growing use – and abuse – of quantitative measures in universities, a major new review examines the role of metrics in the assessment of research, from the REF to performance management

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Information Commissioner orders university to share information with animal rights groups following FoI request

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This mendacious metric is dangerous for individuals and the sector, and bad news for the taxpayer, argues Philip Moriarty

The pressure to publish high-profile papers may not be linked to research misconduct, a new study has found.

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Researchers face pressure to hype and report selectively, says Dorothy Bishop

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