Research ethics

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New document sets 'benchmark' for others to follow, according to research policy expert

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Author of new research says journals are ‘not doing’ enough to combat the phenomenon

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Jeffrey Beall’s blacklist of predatory publishers has disappeared, and so too should ideas about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ journals, argues Martin Parker

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Holly Else explores the emotional, reputational and practical barriers to correcting mistakes

Daniel Mitchell illustration (12 January 2017)

James McCrostie was shocked to discover the extent of ‘predatory conferences’, but even more shocked by those abetting them

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New analysis reveals importance of old university networks for advancement

David Latchman’s work to be subject of new inquiry after he was cleared in 2015

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Anonymous interviews explore how scholars use gossip to warn others of wrongdoers – but it may not always work

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Infamous cases of misconduct such as that of Paolo Macchiarini are just the extremes on a long spectrum of dubious research practices, say Nick Butler, Helen Delaney and Sverre Spoelstra

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There is no simple answer to the ethical dilemmas, political manoeuvrings and relationship challenges involved in gaining access to organisations for research, says Ann Cunliffe

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If lab misconduct is linked to personality traits, there is a case for assessing these when hiring scientists, say researchers

Cracked photograph of man's back during torture/interrogation

Antonio Melechi examines how enhanced interrogation techniques came to be introduced at War on Terror ‘black sites’

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New research also finds that the statistical power of studies in social and behavioural science has not improved in half a century

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Environmental organisation praises UK sector for climate efforts but calls for universities to do more

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Jeremy Berg warns scientists are straying into policy commentator roles

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Debate about research on animals fails to tackle all the issues, says Gail Davies

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The Home Office has also released data showing experiments on animals across the country have broadly flatlined since 2013

Melania Trump speaks during Republican National Convention, Cleveland, Ohio, 2016

Academia is no stranger to plagiarism controversies – but US politics is. Mark Ridolfo assesses the case of Melania Trump and Michelle Obama 

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A survey suggests research misconduct in the UK is higher than previously feared. Joanna Williams and five other academics ponder the results

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Dutch push to tackle fraud and ‘reproducibility crisis’ follows high-profile misconduct cases in the country