Knowledge transfer

Data reveal research ties between US and Muslim nations targeted by attempted ban

Jumping on to neurons

In a post-truth era, five academics consider strategies, from inviting laypeople into the laboratory to open vivas, to improve trust in experts

Rowhouses in Baltimore

Johns Hopkins and the University of Pennsylvania deploy a host of financial and intellectual resources to help locals build richer, healthier, more inclusive cities. John Morgan reports

Airbus aircraft landing gear is tested at the Airbus aircraft manufacturer's Filton site

UK ‘naive’ to think that it could replace academic links with European industry with those from elsewhere

Investing in UK science may be cheaper after Brexit but the true cost to innovation system remains to be seen, says Holly Else

My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love by Dmitri Vrubel

Workshop offers guidance for the aspiring academic radio stars of the future

Nate Kitch illustration (12 January 2017)

In an era of post-truth politics, academics and their research still have a vital role to play in influencing policy, says Graeme Reid

Man with megaphone

The Higher Education and Research Bill is a chance for institutions to show they do more than research and teaching, says Graham Virgo

Ant collaboration

Dame Ann Dowling’s report called public support for collaboration ‘excessively complex’

Birds feeding from buffalo's nostrils

Simon Gaskell and Adrian Collette explain why proper engagement is an important driver of institutional performance, teaching and research

Adam Howling illustration (1 December 2016)

For British science to thrive rather than just survive, EU partnerships and global recruitment remain key to fruitful collisions of concepts, says Ian Walmsley

Man has his fortune told with a crystal ball

Research into clairvoyant powers of mediums using old photographs has been retracted after it was ridiculed by scientists

film, camera, reel, cinema

Matthew Reisz reflects on how films can help engage the public with academic work on topics ranging from Chinese pop music to climate change

People walking in Greenland for Sara Penrhyn Jones' film Timeline

Matthew Reisz examines the pros and cons of using film as a form of public engagement

Protesting the result of the EU Referendum

Leading scientist savages the widespread hostility to serious scientific evidence

Clive Oppenheimer and Wwerner Herzog standing beside volcano

Clive Oppenheimer recounts dodging lava bombs and gunmen as he guided the director to global hot spots for his film about volcanoes

Heads with lightbulb brains (illustration)

Universities in Pakistan and across the developing world should help spread the light of learning, say Abdur Rehman Cheema and Mehvish Riaz

Canadian workmen operating large construction vehicle

David Matthews reports from Canada on the Trudeau government’s plans to convert academic research into commercial gains

Two people staring into the night sky

Funding bodies must foster a long-term vision for public awareness if research is to gain a place in the cultural mainstream, say Sam Illingworth and Andreas Prokop

Dolphin swimming in shallow water

Stephen Banks worries that the push to show real-world engagement may bury the ‘deep knowledge’ we ought to treasure