From today's UK papers 23 October 2000

十月 23, 2000


Oxford University's medical research council has backed down from a potentially damaging intellectual property dispute with the University of Nairobi over joint research into a vaccine for Aids.

Insead, the international business school at Fontainbleu, France, is inaugurating its Singapore campus.

City University Business School has named Lord Currie of Marylebone, David Currie, its new dean.


Ancient Rome's first and greatest theatre, the Pompey, considered lost forever, has been rebuilt, albeit virtually, by a team led by the University of Warwick.


The most complete collection of medieval shipwrecks found in British waters has been discovered off the Channel Islands by a team led by the University of Southampton.

Colin Wilson, an expert in the paranormal, asks if the existence of the soul can be denied as leading scientists suggest there is life after death.


Scientists at University College London Medical School have devised a method of counting the number of chromosomes in each cell of an early embryo, which they believe could improve a woman's chances of having a baby through fertility treatment  ( Guardian , Independent , Daily Telegraph ). The number of twins and triplets born as a result of fertility treatment could be reduced ( Times ). The controversial technique could help create the 'perfect baby' ( Daily Mail ).




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