Felipe Fernández-Armesto illustration

The American system isn’t ideal but it beats the UK’s, says Felipe Fernández-Armesto

Stephen Curry columnist illustration

Being head of undergraduate studies was an eye-opener for Stephen Curry

Shahidha Bari columnist illustration

Shahidha Bari on academics’ strange relationship with the idea of failure

Sally Feldman columnist illustration

Older academics need to make room for the young, says Sally Feldman

Christopher Bigsby illustration (6 August 2015)

What price will we pay for taking the humanities for granted? asks Christopher Bigsby

Alan Ryan columnist illustration

Should autonomous vehicles have ethics programmed in? asks Alan Ryan

Felipe Fernández-Armesto illustration

Felipe Fernández-Armesto upgrades his view on accommodation for visiting scholars after a trip to Santander

Philip Moriarty columnist illustration

Philip Moriarty stands up for the much-maligned presentation tool

Shahidha Bari columnist illustration

Shahidha Bari on a supposedly fun thing that makes her apprehensive

Sally Feldman columnist illustration

Heels are instruments both of torture and feminism, says Sally Feldman

Christopher Bigsby

Christopher Bigsby on the markers and measures of a journey’s end

Alan Ryan illustration (18 June 2015)

A babel of voices are drowning out the many real threats to intellectual freedom, warns Alan Ryan

Felipe Fernández-Armesto illustration

To write well, knowledge of other languages is crucial, says Felipe Fernández-Armesto

Dorothy Bishop illustration

Researchers face pressure to hype and report selectively, says Dorothy Bishop

Shahidha Bari columnist illustration

Academics have a duty to explain why they hold their political beliefs, says Shahidha Bari

Is updating children’s literature censorship or sensible? asks Sally Feldman

Mortuary science finds the dead in good spirit, discovers Christopher Bigsby

Alan Ryan muses on ironies and idiosyncrasies in higher education

Laurie Taylor's weekly bulletin from the University of Poppleton

In this general election, visiting the polling station seems more pointless than ever, says Felipe Fernández-Armesto